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Bautista House, Sculptural Refuge: A private eco-villa in Tulum, Mexico by PRODUCTORA & Ezequiel Ayarza Sforza

Project name:
Casa Bautista
Architecture firm:
Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve, Tulum, Quintana Roo
Onnis Luque
Principal architect:
Abel Perles, Carlos Bedoya, Victor Jaime, Wonne Ickx
Design team:
Carlos Bedoya, Victor Jaime, Wonne Ickx, Abel Perles
Alejandro Ordoñez, Josue Palma, Daniela Dusa, Antonio Espinoza, Gerardo Aguilar
Interior design:
Built area:
280 m²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Environmental & MEP:
Tools used:
Concrete, Wood
Residential › House

Casa Bautista is a private eco-villa inviting visitors to enjoy an experience of sustainable luxury in an intimate setting that is framed by the Brutalist and Surrealist-inspired architecture.

Conceived and designed by entrepreneur Ezequiel Ayarza Sforza, along with the Mexican architecture studio PRODUCTORA, the Casa Bautista project – located in the heart of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve – finds expression in a sculptural house that merges with its natural surroundings, seeming to emerge from the sea like a rock and float over the treetops.

A manifestation of the art of architecture, the villa is built of blue-tinted concrete, a hue that is an ode to the sea and the sky that converge on the horizon. ‘The whole project was poured from concrete with an organic blue color that reacts to the sunlight as it moves across the house, generating a changing spectrum of tones that range from sea blue to the pink of the sunset’, according to the PRODUCTORA team.

luxury living room with spiral staircase image © Onnis Luque

The house expands over a surface area of 300 square meters, with an L-shaped structure that is supported on triangular pilotis that enable it to blend into the jungle. Casa Bautista makes clear references to the architectural modernism of Brazil, while taking inspiration from the Surrealist garden of Edward James. The result is a construction that is Brutalist in character yet immersed in dense vegetation, with spaces that invite guests to experience a stay in peace and serenity.

The three floors of the residence are connected by a spiral staircase. The ground floor stores water sports equipment, while the main level houses five rooms designed to provide privacy and a direct connection with the jungle and the sea. These five rooms are organized into two master suites, two doubles and a studio, and there is a further principal dining room and a jacuzzi that extends towards the white sand dunes. ‘Close to the main bedroom, there is an unusual little tower: an element that anchors the complex to its site and also provides a flexible space for work or for meditation’, the PRODUCTORA team explain. On the third level, the terrace stands out as one of Casa Bautista’s most distinctive spaces, with a pool, barbecue and dining area with panoramic views.

concrete spiral staircase image © Onnis Luque

The tzalam wood terraces and pergolas were constructed by local carpenters. As well as providing a sense of warmth, they create shade to protect from the sun, help establish cross-ventilation, and expand the indoor spaces. The folding mechanism they employ also protects the building from hurricanes and strong winds. In this way, the architecture anddesign reinforce the relationship between interior and exterior, respecting Mother Earth and honoring the sea, the lagoonand the jungle in which the property is embedded.

With the aim of reducing the environmental footprint to a minimum, the project prioritizes the use of sustainable solar and wind energy.

The experience of staying at Casa Bautista is enriched by exclusive services including a concierge, personal chef andactivities such as yoga sessions, massages and medicinal ceremonies for lovers of wellness. The villa can be exclusively reserved as a peaceful getaway or to celebrate small events in total privacy.

spiral staircase made of concrete

sculptural staircase design

wooden terrace deck with pool

small pool and hanged hammock with beach view

tiny pool design

wooden terrace deck in the beach

modern house with luxury furniture

Bautista House, Sculptural Refuge: A private eco-villa in Tulum, Mexico by PRODUCTORA & Ezequiel Ayarza Sforza

modern house integrated with nature

natural sunlight enters the house

wooden terrace at upper floor

wooden doors and windows

bedroom with double bed and terrace

master bedroom interior

circular bathtub in the bedroom

outdoor furniture at wooden terrace

beach view from inside the house

beach house in Tulum

concrete walls and wooden floor

wooden floor and wooden ceiling

wooden terrace

house nestled in beach jungle

sea view from rooftop

rooftop pool with ocean view

modern house surrounded by tropical plants

casa bautista nestled in Tulum nature

house rooftop

contemporary home surrounded with green plants

stunning beach house in Tulum

beach house aerial view from above

brutal house nestled in nature

modern beach house design

ground floor plan

first floor plan

roof plan

site plan

architecture section drawings

elevation drawings


Conceived and designed by entrepreneur Ezequiel Ayarza Sforza, along with the Mexican architecture studio PRODUCTORA, the Casa Bautista project –located in the heart of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve– defines itself as a private eco-villa –available for rentals, retreats, special events and weddings– that invites to live an ultimate experience in true sustainable luxury and to connect with nature in the most personal way without a sense of a barrier.

La Casa is created under the umbrella of Pueblo Del Sol, a project in Oaxaca that is committed to working with indigenous communities.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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