“A drawing should be a key to the understanding of architecture – what is there to like or dislike, where do architects’ ideas come from, how do these ideas make it to paper, and what is important in this process.” - Sergei Tchoban.


Amazing Architecture is an architectural platform for publishing architectural projects for architects and students.

We focus on publishing modern, futuristic, contemporary styles, visualizations and architectural sketches.

The long-term goal of Amazing Architecture is to increase your brand visibility to key decision makers. 

By sustaining our platform with all forms of designs, styles, sketches all located in one place, it means you are part of a common platform for users and vendors to interact, acquire information and share expertise.

Our aim is to change the architecture landscape to be faster, cheaper and more accessible to anyone looking at extending their home and expand their creativity.

Using our platform. technology and architectural experience, we want to create a community of architectures and creatives with a diverse range of style designs and skill set.

Amazing Architecture accepts Projects from Architects and creatives globally. Send us your work and we shall publish it if it's good enough.



Founded in 2010 by Naser Nader Ibrahim. Our work is concentrated mostly on our social media pages especially Instagram and Facebook. We also provide digital marketing and advertising services for brands looking to promote their products on our social pages.

Our main focus as of now is to build and develop the Amazing Architecture platform.



To become a leading platform for architecture projects and inspiration for budding architects, creatives and the global community.



To always share architectural data across the lifecycle of projects by making our work part of the broader ecosystem to promote the urban agenda.