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Xaman Ha Residence in Playa del Carmen, Mexico by JCH+Arquitectos

Project name:
Xaman Ha Residence (Residencial Xamanha)
Architecture firm:
Solidaridad, Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Tools used:
AutoCad, Autodesk 3ds Max, Adobe Photoshop
Principal architect:
Jaime Abdelaziz Cal Herrera
Design team:
Yanizle Dorantes, Cristina Vazquez, Yolanda Pech
Built area:
355.62 m²
Site area:
224.89 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Jaime Rolando Cal López (Structural engineer)
In Progress
Residential › House

JCH+Arquitectos: The design of a house is a process that has been changing over the years, transforming between styles and fashions, however the base is always the same, the essence of a home is the reflection of who inhabits it. Translating the user's personality, their ideologies, culture, tastes and hobbies, into spaces, colors and materials is what gives us the freedom to design without being tied to pre-established styles or shapes, it allows us to explore different proposals until we reach the solution.

The façade of the project seeks to generate an impact of amazement with the set of volumes that are implemented, creating an expectation of what will be found inside. Being a home, privacy is an important element, which is why the spaces maintain this characteristic without losing the passage of natural lighting and ventilation. Inside, the spaciousness is perceived at the moment you cross the door to be received by a double height next to the staircase covered with black marble and tempered glass railings. The living room and dining room are connected in a clean and unobstructed space that cuts off the view of the terrace, thus achieving a complete opening to the backyard, which can be seen from the moment you enter the house.

Going up the stairs, we can find the TV terrace which is of importance in the project, since it serves as a connection point between the ground floor and the first level, becoming a private space with complete openness within the same project. The service areas keep a low profile, hidden between the TV area and the bedrooms, but accessible for use.

On the third level there is only the main bedroom, becoming a suite-type room, with a full bathroom and a walking closet. The connection to the outside is maintained with the sliding doors from floor to ceiling, which give access to your terrace.

In the project, the main idea was luxury, which we translated into comfort. Comfort becomes luxury, having a functional distribution becomes a comfortable and pleasant space in which we can move without complications and enjoying every second of the journey. The materials that predominate within the project are wood and marble, using black marble on the stairs and in the kitchen, and panda marble on the wall of the TV area. Similarly, ceilings were implemented at all levels, to add greater visual to the project.

By Liliana Alvarez

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