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Re-Coding Smart Building in Damascus, Syria by Reparametrize Studio

Project name:
Re-Coding Smart Building
Architecture firm:
Reparametrize Studio
Suburban Damascus, Syria
Tools used:
Grasshopper, Rhinoceros 3D, Autodesk Revit, Lumion 10, Adobe Photoshop
Principal architect:
Mhd Ziwar Al Nouri, Bilal Baghdadi
Design team:
Mohammd Jumma, Zeina Orfali, Mohammad Al Ghamry, Jumana Zyade, Sara Faraon
Built area:
600 m²
Site area:
860 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Metsa Wood Company (Open Source Wood)
Reparametrize Studio
Multi-activity Residential

Reparametrize Studio instills a new post-war smart building system as vital cores.

Reparamertize Studio followed their ongoing methodology “Re-Coding Post-War Syria” with a new innovation "Re-Coding Smart Building" . This project focuses on a moderated damaged building to regenerate a new post-war building system, the key design intervention for this existing four-stores building was the insertion of a vibrant central garden courtyard with Kerto LVL Wood (Laminated veneer lumber) forming a full integrated system by adding this green component in the damaged building elements, such as slabs, columns, and elevations while maintaining the elements which are in good status. 
tree shaped apartment building
image © Reparametrize Studio

Reparametrize Studio is working to pioneer a new methodology to regenerate the future of post-war Smart City. Using 3D scanning technology combined with state-of-the-art rapid FEM structural analysis we have been able to analyze large structural data volumes and properly assess the structural state of the targeted destructed building using this Technology to serve affected people and their society.

residential building with green farm balconies image © Reparametrize Studio

By the end of the Syrian crisis the inhabitants who went back to their original destroyed residences suffered from lack of social, ecological, commercial place, there was the big challenge "how can we fill in these gaps?"…. back to the very old traditional Syrian House and its high efficient courtyard "Ard Al Diar" which was a perfect model for a social-environmental place with cooling and heating techniques that adapts with seasonal changes. Attempting to examine the natural ecological values in this regard, and define these values generally as the level of benefits that space, water, sun, vegetation, eco recycling, sustainable materials, social activities, and all other factors that make up natural ecosystems provided to support affected buildings as a core vital system.

wooden structure image © Reparametrize Studio

“Post-War re-development is not about massive reconstruction plans but efficiency on the human scale” - Bilal Baghdadi, Co-Founder Reparametrize Studio. Developing passive traditional systems into a new smart ecological system, by creating a vertical courtyard in the form of overlapping LVL slabs: social, semi-private, private slabs that achieve a new vision of “Co-Living” giving copious amenities for residents, including public green areas, a vegetable garden, green roof, physical activity zones and relaxation spaces, all interior living spaces are oriented around this courtyard which facilitates a strong visual axes while maintaining an essential part for privacy. Each of these generous garden terraces provides the 15 apartment with natural ventilation, energy production and recycling sources "they resemble the heart of these apartments".

hanged gardens in apartment image © Reparametrize Studio

With the benefit of Kerto LVL long span the slabs are placed on a massive LVL, tree-shaped L-System, which has a self-efficiency system of water pipes for rain harvesting, heating and cooling air pipes and cables for smart insulations and sensors, all linked to one network that collects, automate and analyze building data, not to forget to mention one of kerto  LVL major properties is reducing CO2 emissions, and with greenery terraces, the building have this perfect combination that adds a great ecological value “it’s like a breathing lungs for the whole building"

green apartment building image © Reparametrize Studio

"Smart Tree" with its slabs has a beneficial role on the economical aspect; some of these slabs are designed for vegetation purposes so that the inhabitants can plant their own needs of vegetables, besides that they can make their small investment by selling these vegetables in the building's ground floor stores, also by being a distributor for the whole neighborhood.

green and sustainable building image © Reparametrize Studio

Aiming to reach a beating methodology that can enhance a whole new life of a smart, ecological, high efficient system that can be adapted to any post-war damaged building, with the high utilization of future technologies. Creating a new, recognizable identity for the area and increasing the quality of everyday life. Reparametrize Studio sets on the task of how to visualize the data collected by 3D scanning and using AI Technology to let both community and the decision-makers interact. The team also used social media platforms and ground surveys to collect data from the local citizens and the refugees who fled the country about their expectations of the post-war redevelopment of their home areas, resulting in a very cost-effective and much more sustainable post-war redevelopment.

rendering aerial views of the residential tower image © Reparametrize Studio

sunset view of the city image © Reparametrize Studio

apartment plans Plans

structural section drawing Section 

Courtyard cooling system drawing Courtyard cooling system 

Future Smart Section drawing Future Smart Section 

building isometric drawing Self efficiency building 

building sections for green areas Green areas 

Rain water recycling detail in drawings Rain water recycling 

Functions diagram Functions 

destroyed building diagram The percentage of destruction from the building 

Spaces distribution diagram Spaces distribution 

green farm building Diagram 

destroyed building in syriaDestroyed building 

destroyed building after Syrian war Destroyed building 

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By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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