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MP House in Tangerang, Indonesia designed by TIES

Project name:
MP House
Architecture firm:
Tangerang, Indonesia
Arti Pictures
Principal architect:
Sansan & Tritya
Design team:
Sansan & Tritya
Interior design:
Built area:
375 m²
Site area:
180 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Hadi Tjahja
Environmental & MEP:
Tools used:
AutoCAD Architecture, SketchUp, Adobe Photoshop
Concrete, breeze blocks, bricks, glass, asphalt roof
Residential › House

TIES: This house is designed for a designer couple who want their working environment to be an integral part of their daily routine in this house. For that reason, the house is built upon 2 major functions. A home office is located on the first and semi‐basement floor, while residential area is placed on the level above it.

At the residential space, the building mass is divided into 2 large areas. A semi‐private area, which includes living room and dining room, is located at the front site of the house. While the more private area of the house, which includes bedrooms, is located at the back site of the building to create a more seclusive area for personal living space. These two building masses are separated by a dry garden that serves an adequate ventilation and natural lighting. Therefore, a more tranquil and serene atmosphere is achieved because the walls of the two masses are separated.

Regardless of the need to provide this house with both residential and home office function, it requires to be accessible for senior citizens who have walking difficulties, in this case parents of the owner of the house. Thus the ramp is chosen as a connector between floors instead of stairs. The use of the ramp is optimized by split level technique to maximize the available areas in the house.

The most challenging and interesting thing about this house is its living and dining area because the time spent for social interactions and activities will mostly occur in this area of the house. In order for these actions to be conducive, the living room and dining room are combined as one large space and the ceiling height is raised so that this semi‐private area is more spacious and well ventilated.

contemporary residence in Indonesiaimage © Arti Pictures

The use of breeze block for this house’s exterior is intended for letting enough sunlight to enter and fill the room inside. The construction draft for the breeze block itself is also meant to provide a variety of light refraction in which giving the room its own aesthetic decoration during the day. With the intention of getting an additional dry garden, the breeze block is elevated enough to a level where people are able to get out onto the concrete roof that is located just above the carport.

The roof design uses a gable roof type, considering its identical shape to the classic design of a house roof. In addition, the gable roof makes it possible for the house to have a high ceiling since the level of the slope can be adjusted. It also enable the semi‐private area to feel more homey and capacious.

modern living room with skylight

modern sofa design

wooden dining table and chairs

kitchen and dining area

loft interior design

ramp inside the house

indoor courtyard with green plants

black bathtub in bathroom

master bedroom interior design

rooftop of the house

MP House in Tangerang, Indonesia designed by TIES

Indonesian modern house

modern house exterior design

contemporary single family home interior

indoor garden plants

indoor plants and tree

bathroom interior design

wooden chairs and table

basement floor plan

first floor plan

second floor plan

mezzanine floor plan

roof plan

architectural section drawing

transversal section drawing

About TIES

Founded in the year of 2014, established as PT. Teripta Syandana Karya in the year of 2017 by Tritya Prasna Dipanakara S. Ars and Sansan S. Ars. TIES Design and Build professionally serves in architecture, interior and construction.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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