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IC Residence in Lagoa Santa, Brazil by Anastasia Arquitetos

Project name:
Residence IC
Architecture firm:
Anastasia Arquitetos
Lagoa Santa, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Jomar Bragança
Principal architect:
Tomás Anastasia
Design team:
Sarita Soares
Amanda Carneiro (Woodwork), Erika Couto - Bom Calor (Pool)
Interior design:
Bárbara Rodrigues (Interior Decoration)
Built area:
1230 m²
Site area:
5,000 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Túlio Antonini - Selco Projetos
Environmental & MEP:
MCE Engenharia (Electrical And Hydraulic Installations)
Luis Carlos Orsini - Yapo paisagismo
Raquel Barros - Iluminar
Tools used:
Evandro Lara- Gehaus
Concrete, Stone, Wood, Glass, Metal
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Anastasia Arquitetos: The IC Residence is located in the city of Lagoa Santa, Minas Gerais. The land, measuring 5,000 m², is a relatively gentle slope, where the street-facing facade faces east. Solar orientation was a determining factor for the implantation of the house, located in a very hot region, where sun protection is essential.

As it is a weekend residence, leisure is a priority, special attention was given to the configuration of the outdoor spaces, and the way in which the architecture gives scale to these spaces. Although the plot is of considerable size, there is little residual space, most of the plot is usable. In this aspect, the interaction with the landscape project, by Luis Carlos Orsini, was fundamental.

The 1-floor plan of the project is basically an L , where the intimate part, facing east, would be one leg, and the social part, facing south, more shaded, would be the other. Solutions for zenith lighting, internal gardens were adopted, to increase internal lighting without heating the environment. In the intimate area, there are five suites, which are connected to the rest of the house through an intimate living area and an internal garden. In the social area, a living pavilion that connects to a semi-covered pergola and a balcony, with an outdoor kitchen. Next to this balcony, spa, changing rooms and sauna. The complex is completed by an external pavilion with atelier and gym.

The house's proportions, predominantly horizontal, mimic landscaping, which is the owners' passion. The structure is in reinforced concrete, with metallic pergolas defining the areas with shadows. Natural coatings, such as wood, stone, concrete, were primarily used to create this closer relationship with the landscaping. Large spans were created, reducing the number of pillars, to increase the feeling of integration with the outside.

The project is therefore an exercise in implementing a residence with a relatively extensive program, harmoniously and delicately integrated into the landscaping and landscape - these the true protagonists.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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