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The Inhabit Treehouse in Woodstock, New York designed by Antony Gibbon Designs

Project name:
Inhabit, NY
Architecture firm:
Antony Gibbon Designs
Woodstock, New York
Martin Dimitrov
Tools used:
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, AutoCAD
Principal architect:
Antony Gibbon
Design team:
Antony Gibbon Designs
William Johnson
Design year:
Completion year:
Built area:
Site area:
Interior design:
Structural engineer:
William Johnson
Antony Gibbon Designs

Antony Gibbon Designs: Located just outside the town of Woodstock, less than two hours drive from New York City, the Inhabit treehouse looks out over the magnificent Catskills mountain range, quietly nestled within the dense woodland forest.

The space consists of an open plan lounge, wood burner and Kitchen with a spacious loft bedroom above. In the rear of the building is a separate shower room and bathroom with second bedroom at the rear which could easily become an office studio space. The structure has two balconies, either side of the kitchen/lounge area with a large terrace underneath that leads down to the Lake and hot tub.

reflection of lakeside cabin house in waterimage © Martin Dimitrov

cedar wood cabin house

image © Martin Dimitrov

cozy cabin living room with fire place image © Martin Dimitrov

cabin living room with lake view through large glass window image © Martin Dimitrov

kitchen island in wooden house image © Martin Dimitrov

wooden kicthen design image © Martin Dimitrov

bedroom with forest view image © Martin Dimitrov

bedroom with skylight ceiling image © Martin Dimitrov

cozy living room with fire place

image © Martin Dimitrov

luxury furniture

image © Martin Dimitrov

kithen stools

image © Martin Dimitrov

electric stove image © Martin Dimitrov

attic room

image © Martin Dimitrov

double height room with skylight

image © Martin Dimitrov

hot bathtub with forets view

image © Antony Gibbon Designs 

wooden treehouse image © Martin Dimitrov

tree house in forest

image © Martin Dimitrov

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By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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