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Pho King Restaurant, Poprad, Slovakia by SOA architekti

Project name:
Pho King Restaurant
Architecture firm:
SOA architekti
Námestie svätého Egídia 4/7, Poprad, Slovakia
Matej Hakár
Principal architect:
Štefan Šulek
Design team:
Marie Hojná, Adam Šterbák
Interior design:
Kitchen technology: Cortec; Graphic design: King Media
Built area:
171 m²
Site area:
190 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Environmental & MEP:
Bricks – walls and ceiling. Solid wood – countertop. COR-TEN – metal cladding
Tools used:
415 000 €
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SOA architekti: The Vietnamese restaurant is situated in a corner building, which was previously occupied by a Chinese buffet. As you enter, the exposed brick walls immediately capture your attention, infusing the restaurant with a rustic charm. The heart of the restaurant is the open kitchen, complete with a counter where diners can witness the meticulous preparation of their meals right at the sizzling wok, creating an engaging and authentic dining experience.

The space offers a variety of seating options to cater to different preferences. Classic tables provide a traditional dining experience, while a long, unconventional communal table promotes a lively and communal atmosphere, ideal for larger groups. The unique construction of the communal table incorporates repurposed metal beams, creatively making use of materials left over from a previous layout. For those who prefer a view, bar-style seating by the window offers observation of the bustling street outside, adding to the vibrant atmosphere. Next to the counter with the cash register, a display of fresh ingredients and local produce is showcased for those interested in take-home purchases.

Throughout the restaurant, red accents in both the decor and furnishings infuse energy and subtly refer to Vietnamese culture. Noteworthy are the chairs placed at the counter and the long communal table, ingeniously crafted from recycled beverage crates, giving a distinctive and eco-friendly touch to the decor. Adjacent to the open kitchen is a back room, enveloped by a COR-TEN sheet that not only separates the kitchen from the guest area but also imparts a modern and industrial aesthetic to the space. In summary, Pho King offers a one-of-a-kind dining experience, seamlessly blending authentic Vietnamese cuisine with a distinctive and welcoming design, creating a truly memorable atmosphere.

About studio / author

Based in Wenceslas Square at the heart of Prague’s New Town, SOA architekti was established in 2015 by Stefan Sulek, Ondrej Pihrt and Ondrej Laciga. Their name, SOA, is an acronym standing for Sons of Architecture.  SOA originally focused on interior and residential projects, before branching out. Recently, they have been developing as a specialist in school and educational structures.

By Liliana Alvarez

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