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Living Symbols of Edifice Creation and Artistic Brilliance - MuseLAB redefines architectural excellence with a Spanish Hacienda masterpiece in Coimbatore, India

Project name:
Architecture firm:
Coimbatore, India
Principal architect:
Jasem Pirani, Huzefa Rangwala
Design team:
Sohan Kadam, Aishwarya Lakhani, Idrees Kasu, Huzefa Rangwala, Jasem Pirani
Interior design:
Built area:
12,000 ft²
Site area:
39,400 ft²
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Environmental & MEP:
Enersave Solutions
Tools used:
Residential › Hacienda

A narrative of architectural brilliance gracefully unfolds in the bustling heart of Coimbatore, where tradition fuses with modernity. Amongst the lively cityscape, a haven of tranquillity emerges; a home inspired by Spanish haciendas, crafted by the talented duo, Jasem Pirani and Huzefa Rangwala of MuseLAB. Their most ambitious project was also their greatest challenge. It isn’t just MuseLAB’s largest so far, but also their first of its kind. All while adhering to the principles of Manaiyadi Shastram, an ancient science that is native to Southern India, which mandated certain sizes and specifications in the layout.

Located in Coimbatore, the sprawling 39,400 sq ft plot may have been a delight to design, contextualising the home to the city’s geography. Charming courtyards, lofty arched openings, sloping roofs, and indoor-outdoor spaces, despite cues from the Spanish inspirations, “the layout of the home is a fitting tribute to a Chettinad home,” mentions Jasem Pirani, the co-founder of MuseLAB with Huzefa Rangwala. This home is a tribute to the rich architectural heritage of Spain and Mexico, reimagined to harmonize with Coimbatore's tropical climate. The design of the 12,000-square-foot residence revolves around the central courtyard, which serves as the focal point. It connects the social areas on the ground floor; the open-air pool, the accompanying lounge, the dining space, and the family room, all nestled within its carefully landscaped pockets.

The design mostly hinges on the dynamic spatial interplay between the spaces and the gestures that unfold within. “This home is not a distinct departure from our usual gestures but a conscious one where we have tried to hero the floor, focus on the forms (vaults), and select elements within each space where we have collaborated with a lot of local artists and craftsmen,” explains Jasem. With clever use of light and space, the swimming pool became the most daring project that MuseLAB ever tackled. It’s a 75-foot-long vault covered in black and white mosaic tiles.

Embracing the principle of horizontality, the layout unfolds in a manner that accentuates the natural landscape, offering a unique interplay between indoor and outdoor spaces, exclusively experienced by its occupants. Despite its distinctively hacienda-inspired design, the home also pays homage to the vernacular architecture of Chettinad, evident in its central courtyard. As one approaches the library, sun rays from the skylights find their way indoors, bouncing off the walls, and onto the floors, creating a constantly evolving visual experience.

Central to MuseLAB's design philosophy is the notion that their work goes beyond a signature visual style. Rather, they focus on creating meaningful gestures and moments that resonate with the inhabitants. Drawing inspiration from the intricate decorative floors found in Chettinad homes and the timeless allure of Spanish tiles, the design team consciously employs restraint, evident in the pixelated pattern flooring of the courtyard. However, this restraint is juxtaposed with moments of bold expression, such as the flamboyant floralesque tile wrapping around the pool vault, creating a captivating visual. This interplay of elements continues throughout the residence, with larger-scale marble pieces adorning the formal living room, stair foyer, and library on the first floor, each space curated to evoke a sense of timeless sophistication.

When it comes to the home, both the architecture and the interiors are not regarded as isolated entities, but rather as part of a continuous journey; a conversation unfolding between the spaces. Furthermore, MuseLAB's commitment to collaboration with local artists and craftsmen infuses the home with a palpable sense of authenticity and character. From bespoke furnishings to handcrafted details, each element tells a story, adding depth and personality to the space. For the homeowners, the result is nothing short of transformative; a space that goes beyond the mundane, offering a retreat reminiscent of a cherished vacation. As the sun sets, casting a warm glow upon the hacienda-inspired abode, it serves as a reminder of the power of creativity and connection. MuseLAB invites us on a deeply personal journey, where every corner tells a story and every detail whispers of possibility. With its beauty and authenticity, this home stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration, beckoning exploration, dreams, and the creation of lasting memories in the heart of Coimbatore.

By Stephany Mata Garcia

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