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A villa in a cave designed by Alessandro Pagliuca

Alessandro Pagliuca
Accademia Architettura Mendrisio - Switzerland
Architects Manuel and Francisco Aires Mateus
Tools used:
ArchiCAD, Cinema 4D, Corona Renderer, Adobe Photoshop
Project name:
A villa in a cave
Autumn (September - December)
Design year:
Ponza Island, Italy
Built area:
200 m²
Site area:
1165 m²
Concept - Design
Residential, House

Alessandro Pagliuca: The island of Ponza is located in front of the Gulf of Gaeta in the Tyrrhenian Sea. In the south of the island there is an old abandoned quarry directly connected to the sea. This quarry is made up of Kaolin and Tuff, demonstrating the volcanic origin of the island. This type of rock is particularly soft and easy to excavate.

stone cave villa surrounded with sea water Visualization by Alessandro Pagliuca

This let to an idea of creating a place where rock and water merge to form a utopian Villa. The external spaces of the cave are used as collective spaces, the interiors consisting in a kitchen room, a bathroom, a living room and two bedrooms are carved in the stone.

CARVED STONE BEDROOM INSIDE A CAVE IN ITALY Visualization by Alessandro Pagliuca

architecture model of a villa in a cave Visualization by Alessandro Pagliuca

stone cave villa architecture maquette Visualization by Alessandro Pagliuca

architecture student model Visualization by Alessandro Pagliuca

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By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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