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The Idea Market - Creative Trading Hub in Port Fuad, Egypt by Ahmed Samy

Ahmed Samy
Cairo University
Prof. Ali Gabr
Tools used:
Revit Architecture, Rhinoceros 3D, Lumion, Adobe Photoshop
Project name:
The Idea Market - Creative Trading Hub
Design year:
Port Fuad, Egypt
Built area:
13800 m²
Site area:
Graduation Project - Unbuilt
Trading Center

Ahmed Samy: Port Fouad was planned at a later date on the eastern side of the canal, it was needed to plan workshops and housing for the SCC employees. There were two kinds of houses with different morphologies planned: the engineers or high rank employees, and the workers quarter.

The high rank employees had a garden city like housing with large villas adorned with private vast gardens, between the houses there is a private park for the mining of the neighborhood children.
As for workers, the houses were much smaller with courtyards with a human and lovely architecture with simple ornaments and details.

The Idea Market - Creative Trading Hub in Portfoad, Egypt by Ahmed Samy

Normal people in port Fouad live on trades from the open market or fishing , the lifestyle of people there indicate that it’s not a poor city. 

The style and the shape of buildings indicate the richness of the place in architecture and it’s modernized city with beautiful preserved historical landmarks, which means they have a good taste in art.
It contains a lot of public and private beaches, moreover the historical landmarks and the Suez canal are two important factors beside the beaches .

Port Fuad Egypt

The city needs to be energized to restore its places and value again port said suffered from increasing economic
marginalization since the free zone was suspended no entertainment venues or attraction points. The city was like an island with no bridges or possible links.

street view

market rendering scene

Arab women walking in port Fuad

interior building

lobby area

central courtyard

palm trees

space frame ceiling

architectural concept

architecture graduation project concept



early sketch drawings

form generation final

axonometric drawing


section drawing

project information

project brief

Connect with the Ahmed Samy

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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