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The Bale Villas in Puli Township, Taiwan by WID Architecture & Interior Design

Project name:
The Bale Villas
Architecture firm:
WID Architecture & Interior Design
No. 18-5, Neipu Rd., Puli Township, *, Nantou County, 545, Taiwan
Ryan Shu
Principal architect:
Tommy Wang
Design team:
WID Architecture & Interior Design
Built area:
14876.1 m²
Site area:
14876.1 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Interior design:
WID Architecture & Interior Design
WID Architecture & Interior Design
Civil engineer:
Local Engineering Team
Structural engineer:
Local Engineering Team
Environmental & MEP:
Local Engineering Team
WID Architecture & Interior Design
Local Engineering Team
WID Architecture & Interior Design
Slate, stone, sleepers, cement products
WID Architecture & Interior Design
Tools used:
USD 3,000,000.00
The Bale Villas
Hospitality › Hotel, Resort

WID Architecture & Interior Design: VILLA is located in the landmark "Niumian Mountain" of  Puli, Nantou. The outline looks like a huge buffalo from afar, sitting and resting peacefully by the Meixi River that flows through Puli. The entire park covers an area of about  4,500 square meters with only 15 houses. Design director Tommy Wang planned a large green space as an independent garden, and the rest area is planned as a villa on the first floor, guest rooms on the second floor, and a daze pavilion on the third floor. At the rear, there are facilities such as an infinity floating swimming pool, a poolside bar, and lounge chairs . You can see Middle date palms, manila palms, and bismarck palms framing the tropical rainforest landscape everywhere. 

The building structure mainly uses natural sandstone and black volcanic stone, and the materials are integrated into the landscape as part of the building. Nature is primitive, unintentionally carved, and the calm convergence of the stone is inseparable from nature, and VILLA is cleverly hidden in Niumian Mountain's "forgotten worries". The five natural elements of "stone, light, water, green, and trees" are perfectly integrated into the building. The open layout allows unobstructed views, and you can enjoy the scenery whether indoors or outdoors. 

There are only 15 rooms, to ensure each customer has an independent and fully private space. The smallest room is planned to be 76 square meter, and the largest VIP room is 284 square meter. The living room, bedroom, bathroom, and outdoor balcony are planned in the space, while the Villa room has a separate courtyard. Large areas of sago palm trees and plantain plants extend to the ground to connect the internal and external environments. Each window is like a huge canvas, beautiful and powerful. Every corner is a natural spiritual baptism, where the mountains are still and the water is flowing.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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