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Enchanted Point in Miami, Florida by SDH Studio Architecture + Design

The Miami-based architecture firm SDH Studio Architecture + Design has recently completed ''Enchanted Point'' a single-family home that is nestled on a magnificent radial lot surrounded by over 200 feet of water in Miami, Florida, United States

Architect's statment: This family home is nestled on a magnificent radial lot surrounded by over 200 feet of water in Miami, Florida. The challenge was to create a design that would take full advantage of the water frontage in such a way that every space inside the home would enjoy the spectacular views. To achieve this goal the design was conceived as an iconic, multilayered structure strategically positioned to float above the water while creating a path through the different spaces of the home.


A warm intimate entryway welcomes you and leads you towards the inside of the home where you reach an interior courtyard framed with floor to ceiling glass that fills the foyer area with lush greenery. 

The social areas incorporate an impressive double-height volume designed with a butterfly-shaped sloped roof that opens towards the exterior filling the interior space with natural light and stunning views of the outdoor landscape.

The intimate family areas enjoy their own wing, where a rhythmic composition of slim vertical windows frame the double-height hallway that leads you towards each bedroom, creating an experiential journey intensified by the play of light and shadows.

Enchanted Point in Miami, Florida by SDH Studio Architecture + Designimage © David Hernandez 

modern house in Miami surrounded with green landscape image © David Hernandez 

modern residence with swimming pool image © David Hernandez 

modern house with illumination and swimming pool at backyard image © David Hernandez 

the entry of the house with trees in front image © David Hernandez 

the aerial view of the house from the top image © David Hernandez 

modern living room with double height volume image © David Hernandez 

wooden dining table located near the sofa at living room with large windows image © David Hernandez 

cozy living space with comfortable sofa image © David Hernandez 

indoor courtyard with green vegetations image © David Hernandez 

corridor with white walls image © David Hernandez 

modern kitchen with island and stool bar's chair image © David Hernandez 

kitchen design image © David Hernandez 

bathroom with glass door separate the washing space form bath image © David Hernandez 

oval shaped ceramic washing basin image © David Hernandez 

Ground Floor PlanGround Floor Plan

Elevations Elevations 

Architectural Sections Sections 


Project name: Enchanted Point

Architecture firm: SDH Studio Architecture + Design 

Location: MiamiFloridaUnited States

Year: 2020

Project size: 4200 ft²

Site size: 16500 ft²

Photography: David Hernandez 

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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