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Douro Valley House in Portugal by MJARC Arquitetos

Project name:
Douro Valley House
Architecture firm:
MJARC Arquitetos
Marco de Canaveses, Portugal
João Ferran
Principal architect:
Maria João Andrade & Ricardo Cordeiro
Design team:
Ricardo Cordeiro, Maria João Andrade
Arqtª Ana Filipa Lima
Interior design:
MJARC Arquitetos
Built area:
290 m²
Site area:
30 000 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Johnny Oliveira
Structural engineer:
HAlff Delta
MJARC Arquitetos
MJARC Arquitetos
Um segundo produção de filmes
Tools used:
Autodesk Revit, Autodesk 3ds Max, Adobe Photoshop
Residential, House

MJARC Arquitetos completed the construction of a House overseeing Douro Valley in Portugal.

The project is constituted by two separate constructions, the first is an old construction that was rehabilitated to become the "living room" of the swimming pool area, then we have at a lower level the house itself searching for the view but camouflaged so that it cannot be perceived from the swimming pool area. 

There are only a few instances in an architectural career where a client and an architect’s vision unify into an immaculate and complete expression of art and architecture. We were very fortunate to work with a couple who, devoted to the ideals of minimalism’s stark allure, asked us to design a house in the Douro , located on the stunning views over Douro valley .

house on a hill surrounded with pine trees image © João Ferran 

The desire to interfere as little as possible with the visual topography of the landscape prompted to attach the house to the ground and find façade and roof solutions with a direct relationship to the surroundings. The idea of a "crouching building" guides the decisions concerning volume, position, occupation, exterior outfit and façade claddings.

metal facade image © João Ferran 

The property requires a holiday house program able to adjust to changes related to the number of users, the season, and so on. This complex program (couple, family, friends; summer, winter; weekend, long terms) is solved attending to values of low energy, spatial simplicity and flexibility of use. 

green plants next to stairs image © João Ferran 

green roof image © João Ferran 

green roof house with sea view image © João Ferran 

glass door image © João Ferran 

home decoration image © João Ferran 

staircase image © João Ferran 

bathroom rug image © João Ferran 

wooden bedside table image © João Ferran 

bedroom with nature view image © João Ferran 

master bedroom image © João Ferran 

kitchen bar table image © João Ferran 

luxury kitchen with island image © João Ferran 

living room with panoramic nature view through glass window image © João Ferran 

wooden deck image © João Ferran 

metal door image © João Ferran 

washing basin image © João Ferran 

lamp with hidden lights image © João Ferran 

deck built on the rock image © João Ferran 

house with pine trees at surrounding image © João Ferran 

modern house in forest image © João Ferran 

facade image © João Ferran 

swimming pool bench image © João Ferran 

swimming pool with illumination at night image © João Ferran 

aerial view of a house in forest image © João Ferran 

Ground floor plan Ground floor plan 

First floor plan First floor plan 

Second floor plan Second floor plan 

Site plan Site plan 

Section drawing Section B

Elevation drawing Elevation

Architectural ElevationElevation

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By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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