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Kabir Bungalow in Vadodara, India by Usine Studio

Project name:
Kabir Bungalow
Architecture firm:
Usine Studio
Vadodara, Gujarat, India
Tejas Shah
Principal architect:
Yatin Kavaiya & Jiten Tosar
Design team:
Yatin Kavaiya, Jiten Tosar, Shalini Pereira, Chitra Sindhkar
Interior design:
Usine studio
Built area:
12,500 ft²
Site area:
45,000 ft²
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Mayur Thakkar
Structural engineer:
R V Patel
Environmental & MEP:
Mayur Thakkar
Kanchan Bhagat
Mayur Thakkar
Suhit Gajjar
Tools used:
ZWCAD, Adobe Photoshop
Mayur Thakkar
Italian marble, wood, wall textures, wall paint, natural stones, glass
Mr. Vinod Bhagat
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A space is designed which engulfs nature into it and is a celebration for living in itself. - Jiten and Yatin

Kabir house is a single family dwelling in Baroda, Gujarat. Usine Studio – led by young duo’s Yatin and Jiten, gently merged the house with landscape, creating a much valued feeling of serenity, and a tranquil amalgamation with nature. The spaces are arranged along the periphery walls that define and support the structures of the house.

The brief given was pretty clear .The client asked “what can be done to segregate and also club the pleasure of farm house within the city limits”.

contemporary Indian house image © Tejas Shah

A flawless proposal was given by designers in the design “Concrete slabs, stone walls and wood are used to construct the buildings, while walls and floor nearing the garden are given a matte finish, to mimic the dry grasses of the summer, setting the buildings into the landscape”.

Simple proportions and feeling of abundance of space was created by juxtaposition of masses conveys the designers.

The clientele questioned “what would be the connection between interior and exterior? “The interior design was not an afterthought, it is interwoven” conveyed Yatin.

A water body and abstraction of Zen gardens with a concrete bench at the entrance establishes the mood of person entering the house. Water body gives us the direction and binds us with the divine on the other hand and wrapping the pooja space.

In the foyer a geometrical metamorphosis of a rectangular shape is designed as a screen to get an indirect vision. Metal plate and wood is merged to create a modern abstraction of a leaf which acts functionally as a door handle.

modern house exterior design image © Tejas Shah

Within the home, a recreational area, informal Bar is blended inn. The aesthetic is modern, integrated with a minimalistic approach towards living.

The formal living has an opening at the eye level of the person sitting in & making the vision of nature unending. It houses a rare concept of nature with grey hues. An art work on the wall is made by incorporating pastel shades of every element in the room. The mural is created from a basic material MDF sheet and given a classic appearance by aligning it linearly. The plain canvas of the room got a break through by this mural.

The Bar is housed in the family room following the concept light and shadow. Basic engraving and embossing techniques with plain hues are used to create such an elegant light element in the bar area which is also clubbed by a dining space . A tint of color and a sense of artistic space in an area with grey floor and white ceiling are added by temporary elements like sofa and an original Painting on the wall.

Zen garden plants image © Tejas Shah

Passage acts as the main spine in the house.

Like other spaces in this home, the bedrooms are elegant and simple without being run –of-the mill. The bed room on the right has a royal feel & is minimalistic design with a use of minimum but unique materials. Neolithic ceramic sheet having an impression of marble serves as the headboard with grey sheds on the wall. The bed room on the right gives an impression of artistic touch by using different art pieces.

A minimalistic and sleek - open wooden stair with metal base leads from ground floor to the first landing in passage. On the right is the gymnasium and the other built ups are bed rooms.

Upper floor houses bed rooms of their son’s. Different effects are achieved by engraving and embossing elements on p.u finished walls, planks of new wood with different colors and textures, wall arts. Wooden planks are meticulously punctured and used as a back drop of the bed. Toilet door is clubbed with same effects to make it look one with the wall.

Second son’s bedrooms have metal sheet with soft mat combinations as headboard. Customized back painted glass with backlight serves the major light element in the room with grey tones.

In spite of many exacting demands and alterations in the layout –an objective has been achieved admirably in the house; showcasing young designers sensitivity to balance and design.

gravel and concrete floor

glossy marble floor

luxury chairs near window

Indian statue in office room

cozy living room with leather sofa

wooden commode and chair

outdoor furniture at terrace

hanging lights over dining table

home decoration and wall painting

master bedroom interior design

bedroom sheet and pillows

bed frame and bed sheet

bed pillows and sheets

master bedroom interior design

staircase wooden steps and handrails

bathroom sink and mirror

Kabir Bungalow in Vadodara, India by Usine Studio

ground floor plan

first floor plan


By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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