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Block House, Dahod, India by Bharmal Associates

Project name:
Block House
Architecture firm:
Bharmal Associates
Godi Road, Dahod, Gujarat 389151, India
Murtaza Gandhi (MKG Studio)
Principal architect:
Taher Zaranwala
Design team:
Aiasger Kathiriya, Mustafa Zhabuawala
Interior design:
Bharmal Associates
Built area:
3088 ft²
Site area:
1200 ft²
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Aiasger Kathiriya, Mustafa Zhabuawala
Structural engineer:
SBSC Structure Consultant
Environmental & MEP:
Bharmal Associates
Bharmal Associates
Bharmal Associates
Tools used:
Exposed Brick, Rustic Texture, Teak Wood
1 cr
Hussainibhai Gangrdiwala
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3 BHK Modern, Spacious Home that Fosters Positivity and Calmness by Bharmal Associates.

Has harmonious blend of colours and minimalist aesthetics that defines the positive and calmness essence of this Bungalow.

“Block house” is a residential project of 3200 sq. Ft built up area on 1200 sq. Ft plot in Dahod, Gujarat. This 3bhk modern, spacious, Block house is designed in a way that a space is created to that Fosters Positivity and Calmness. It exudes a peaceful atmosphere, inviting you to experience a fusion of simplicity and elegance.

Client wanted an elegant and Minimalistic home for him and his family. He asked for a simplistic living and yet a luxurious one which is contradictory in itself. The selection of the client was extremely simple and elegant, timeless. The lift takes us directly to his entrance foyer which is done in tones of woods and Glass which speaks formal with Italian marble finish Tiles flooring and a door with teak wood handle creates a symmetric pattern on the main entrance door.

The living room is integrated with Badge tones walls and a depressed wooden ceiling having led lights in the niches. A Gray-coloured Tiles with Peach Colour deluxe sofas kept on the periphery. A Living Room Is Directly Connected to Road Side Balcony. In a Balcony There is a revolving Terracotta Block Jali That defused south side direct sunlight and it give intrusting pattern on the floor while also infusing the space with an inviting atmosphere. The direct sun light filtering through the terracotta jail created a captivating interplay of shadows and highlights, lending an artistic touch to the entire area.

The living room’s many components, including the tv-unit, furniture and peaceful colour palettes, establish a visual language that gives the home a free-spirited feel. The openness and simplicity of the architecture contributes to creating a sense of inclusivity across the whole house. The design is more interesting and engaging since it uses fewer textures, colour, and materials. The formal sitting hall is separated by an oriental ash wood and fluted glass sliding partition, whenever you open up the partition the space becomes one.

Service area was positioned in the middle of the house. This arrangement was design because to ensure ease of access and connection to all the spaces. By putting the service area in the middle, connection to all living spaces was optimized, ensuring a smooth and efficient flow of daily activities. A standout feature in this house is the bold Colour staircase. The furniture, crafted with intricate detailing, pays homage to classic and simple designs that have stood the test of time.

The master bedroom bed’s backdrop features a wood design, crafted from a unique blend of teak Wood. And yellow Jute Fabric This combination creates a contrast that adds both depth and visual interest to the bedroom space. Also, the presence of a white colour in Curtains bestows a tranquil aura upon the room. The best feature is the indoor-outdoor connection, bridging the interior comfort and the allure of the outdoors.  The connected balcony gives a glimpse of connection to nature. And in railing there is terracotta block that play interesting shadow pattern in the room.  

The parents’ bedroom exudes a seamless blend of modern luxury and a simplicity. White colour wardrobe gives very elegant and peaceful look. And Pastel green Colour panelling give very peaceful atmosphere in parents’ bedroom. The small seating space near to the window can give direct view of road side activity.

By Stephany Mata Garcia

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