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Pitcher Plant-Inspired Sky Treetop Restaurant in Sri Lanka by Thilina Liyanage Visualizations

Project name:
Sky Treetop Restaurant
Architecture firm:
Thilina Liyanage Visualizations
Sri Lanka
Tools used:
SketchUp, Lumion, Adobe Photoshop
Principal architect:
Thilina Liyanage
Design team:
Thilina Liyanage Visualizations
Built area:
18.5 m²
Site area:
6000 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Thilina Liyanage
Concept - Design

The Colombo-based Architectural visualiser/designer, Thilina Liyanage envisioned Sky Treetop Restaurant, a suspended Pelican Beak-shaped restaurant overlooking Sri Lankan mountain, inspired by Pitcher Plant. 

The Sky Restaurants, as they’re called, cantilever off the precipice of a mountain, giving you a certain thrill as you dine. Its design takes cues from a pitcher-plant, using a boat-like base that projects from the slope, with a slightly raised roof to protect you from the elements while also giving you a stunning view of the mountainous terrain in front of and below you. Like a lot of Liyanage’s designs, the Sky Restaurant uses curved bamboo pieces, giving it a distinctly tropical feeling that does set up a contrast against the mountains… but then again, look at it from above and it almost looks like fairy-lights strung around the mountain!

pelican beak shaped restaurant above cliff

pitcher plant shaped bamboo restaurant

Pitcher Plant Inspired Sky Treetop Restaurant in Sri Lanka by Thilina Liyanage Visualizations

suspended bamboo restaurants in Sri Lanka

restaurants aerial view

suspended bamboo restaurants

hanged resultan from cliff

Sri Lankan Mountains and nature

mountain resort tourists

cliff restaurant above mountain

axonometric drawing

sketch up 3d model

architectural 3d section drawing

architectural drawing model


Connect with the Thilina Liyanage

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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David Jacklin -
Hello Thilina, I'm David from Auroria World. We are looking to source 3D talent and assets for our metaverse world space, which is currently in development. I'm keen to open discussion with you on various partnership options we have on how we could work together to license your 3D work. For initial discussion, we are interested to explore licensing with you on your Pitcher Plant house design. Please contact me on email at - david@auroria.world Be good to work with you.

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