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Multifunctional Complex "Next Collection" by SPECTRUM Architecture

Project name:
Next Collection
Architecture firm:
SPECTRUM Architecture
Batumi, Georgia
Tools used:
Autodesk 3ds Max, Adobe Photoshop
Principal architect:
David Nikuradze
Design team:
SPECTRUM Architecture
Built area:
20,335 m²
Site area:
20,335 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Spectrum Vision
Next Group
Under Construction
Residential Complex

SPECTRUM Architecture: The multifunctional complex "Next Collection" is distinguished by its design location, functional solutions and organic architecture. The project building perfectly fits the topography of the area and is integrated with the existing landscape.


The project aimed to create an organic, multi-functional complex that is binary with the environment. The architecture of the building takes into account the local context and characteristics. Its proportion and geometric forms naturally merge with the system terrain, repeating and emphasising the contours of the local landscape. Various organic forms, materials and colour palettes harmoniously blend with the environment.


The location distinguishes the project. Green Cape is one of the most beautiful seaside resorts in Georgia. Batumi Botanical Garden is one of the most cultivated in Europe. The project is distinguished by its proximity to the sea. From the terrace, there are breathtaking panoramic views of the sea and the botanical garden. Climatic conditions contribute to landscape planning. A wide variety of species are selected for patio terraces and rooftop gardens.


Behind the building's original and attractive architecture is function and proper planning. The orientation, functional distribution and planning of the building take into account the needs and interests of the residents. Three independent wings are united by a podium. A garden is planted with different functions. There is a restaurant, a bar and a swimming pool on the roof of the building.

Interior Design

The main idea of interior design is based on organic concept. It features a soothing palette of warm pastel colours that effortlessly blend with a nautical theme. This minimalist oasis creates a calm and relaxing environment, redefining the art of modern living.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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