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Performing Arts Center by Khaled Ibrahem Mohamed

Khaled Ibrahem Mohamed
Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University, Department of, Interior Architecture
Heba Mansour
Tools used:
AutoCAD, Autodesk 3ds Max, V-ray, Adobe Photoshop
Project name:
Performing Arts Center
The second semester
Design year:
Lakeside King Mariout, Alexandria, Egypt
Built area:
The overall architectural project” 22600 m²” - But the interior spaces that has been studied” 2000 m²"
Site area:
Lakeside King Mariout
Concept Design, Graduation Project
Cultural Architecture > Cultural Center

Khaled Ibrahem Mohamed: The project idea was inspired by performance art, specically the study of ballet dancers' movements and stripping them down into lines and shapes to create the internal space, elements, and basic forms of theaters, using them as a general guideline for design, with the aim of generating a design that is characterized by dynamism.

In response to the Egyptian government's 2030 plan to develop the King Mariout Lake area in Alexandria, the Department of Architecture and Interior Design collaborated to propose a design for the Performing Arts Center as a graduation project for the Interior Architecture Department. The project includes" a plaza, reception area, lobby and lounge, atriums, foyers, opera house, 360-degree theater, practice rooms, rehearsal spaces, offices, exhibitions, and other spaces."

note: The architectural forms were created by Fayrouz Mohamed, as part of the cooperation between the Department of Architecture and the Decor Department at Alexandria University, Egypt.

Technical information

- The construction of the exterior building is made of glass fiber reinforced concrete "GFRC" panels fixed on space frame trusses
- The construction of the ceiling is made of prefabricated "GFRG" panels.
- The wall formation structure is made of prefabricated GFRC panels
- The fluid form of the reception area walls is made of prefabricated GFRC panels.
- The stair construction is made of glass fiber-reinforced polyester fixed on a steel structure.

By Liliana Alvarez

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