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VALDRIN SAHITI - MoVS Fashion Showroom, Pristina, Kosovo by PHI+ARCHITECTS

Project name:
VALDRIN SAHITI - MoVS Fashion Showroom
Architecture firm:
Prishtinë, Kosovo
Leonit Ibrahimi
Principal architect:
Rinë Zogiani, Bernard Nushi
Design team:
Rinë Zogiani, Bernard Nushi, Senior architect: Rinor Zeqiri, Flora Gërvalla
Built area:
1300 m²
Site area:
5000 m²
Design year:
2022, September
Completion year:
2023, January
Interior design:
Knauf, Osram, Mitsubishi Electric
PHI+ARCHITECTS, Rinë Zogiani, Bernard Nushi
Plasterboard, Fiber cement, Epoxy, Drywall, Glass, Steel, Textile
Tools used:
Autodesk 3ds Max, ArchiCAD
Commercial › Fashion-Showroom

The design project of the Showroom of the fashion designer VALDRIN SAHITI, (VS) was a specific challenge for the architecture design studio PHI+ARCHITECTS due to the large area of about 620 m2 just the Fashion Showroom, not including the administration and workshop parts -as well as the short time for the realization of this project in all four months. Starting from the destination change of the space and the adaptation from a storage building into a unique Fashion Showroom that supports the design of the fashion designer and gives the opportunity for the exposure of creativity and the experience of creative work with Hollywood and International and National Showbiz stars.

The main inspiration in the creation of the interior space was first the wise adaptation of the space to lose and blend the barriers and storage character in a fluid and elegant, inspiring and unique space, softening the rough shapes and turning them into rounded shapes with material from microcement-handwork that gives it uniqueness and simulation of natural elements  through colors, shapes and shades.The construction material that was used in this project is plasterboard with its own possibilities for bending and forming different amorphous, natural shapes with consistent flow throughout the space, because it works quickly and easily - therefore it is optimal and efficient.

The color used in these spaces was obtained by combining several techniques to achieve a natural look of pastel beige stone - all handwork in the ceiling and wall spaces. In the most exclusive part of the object, a bolder color of natural red stone is used to give a contrast and bold interpretation of artistic creation, which offers a different presentation of the product and a different feeling of the environment - so, the same natural element in all its forms. The floor is the soft or contrasting part of the walls and the ceiling that insinuates the same movement, but a different form that is achieved with the carpet.

Lighting is another element that is designed and executed in a non-regular grid but in a fluidity of movement, precisely for the reason of the continuity of arched and semi-arched forms (as part of the circular form as the most perfect geometric form in nature), which are in sync with the display of the products and the movement line. Some quotes from the designer himself are engraved on the walls to give the idea of a museum of experience, work and creativity behind the scenes that is not always accessible to the public.

The naturalness of human fluidity and movement in these spaces is manifested through simplicity (as the most ambitious and greatest challenge throughout all creative work) - at first sight with forms and materials, covering the existing construction to turn the movement and experience into a half museum of fashion, architecture, art, and design - which was very easily accessible in concept as a team of artists from the fields of architecture and fashion.

The furniture is designed and made based on the space in the country and the elegant but unique style, where everything was created with constant instructions from the architecture team suggesting the color, texture, shapes, colors and the sensation that should be conveyed in each place.

PHI+ARCHITECTS and VALDRIN SAHITI – Fashion Designer have been working especially so that this Showroom does not present just a shop for buying the latest fashion, but a museum of experiences, where everyone has the space to interpret their own experience and embodiment with the art of clothing, through contemporary architecture and trends, turning the shopping and fashion into an experience, fun, education and above all art.

By Alfredo Gonzalez

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