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The First Jeep Flagship Center - Jeep Adventure in Shanghai, China by INGROUP

Project name:
The First Jeep Flagship Center - Jeep Adventure
Architecture firm:
Crystal Galleria, No. 68 Yuyuan Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai, China
SFAP Photography
Principal architect:
Raven Wang (Creative Director), Helki Lin (Design Director)
Design team:
Lu Feng, Peng Li, Dan Li, Xiaojun Chen
Built area:
1200 m²
Site area:
Design year:
June 2022
Completion year:
February 2023
Interior design:
Shanghai Zhitong Construction
Tools used:
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INGROUP | The First Global Jeep® Adventure: creating experiential auto retail.

Designed by INGROUP in June 2022, the first global Jeep® Adventure was launched in Crystal Galleria in the Jing'an District of Shanghai. Open and modern, the avant-garde international city of Shanghai is the origin of endless creativity, technology, and renovation. Breaking through the stereotype of traditional automobile 4S stores, Jeep® Adventure remodels an exciting experience of scenes to express the brand philosophy and history, creating experiential car retail.

Adjacent to the intersection of Yuyuan Road and Changde Road, the project is outstanding on the ground floor of Crystal Galleria in the Jing'an Temple business district in Shanghai. Taking advantage of the site, the floor-to-ceiling windows with panoramic views on three sides serve as the street interface. Paying attention to the product display, INGROUP expresses the brand genes of adventure through scenes and dynamic images of the natural environment, visually connecting the product display and the flow of people in the street to attract customers.

The design concept tells a story of citizens with off-road genes, who gather here in their adventure and find back their desire for nature and off-road adventures, summoning more like-minded explorers to embark on the journey to explore the road nobody goes and enjoy the spectacular scenery on the way.

Build inward

Following this concept, the designers constructed a gathering area in the form of an architecture whithin the store which is against the backdrop of ever-changing natural environment scenes including desert, forest, and snow mountain to display the off-road feature of Jeep.

The architecture within the store creates a bidirectional viewing of the inside and outside, making a smooth layout of functions in the scenario-based space. The seats are arranged to create a relaxing space, rather than a negotiation area, improving the talking vibe for the sales and customers.

The ceiling light and raised steps define the gathering area to highlight the focus of the overall space. As the core of the service, it serves as a service counter, negotiation area, and peripheral product display.

INGROUP incorporates rich natural textures into the space with raw and eco-friendly materials. Stone powder and evergreen moss create mountain-like imagery dotted in the space; the digital display table adopts recycled old wooden doors to imitate the rustic stump; the OSB flooring with a natural texture fits the wooden tabletop, integrated into the space.

Create outward

To meet the multi-functional needs of brand live broadcasts, cross-border activities, and VIP salons on the other side of the central service area, INGROUP arranged various seats to create an open landscape at the end of the inner architecture.

There is a staircase behind the roundabout display stand that leads to the second floor of the space. The space under the staircase becomes a display window in which the soil, moss, and plants on the ground contrast with the artificial textures in the space. While the transparent glass curtain wall makes an opener sight, it also echoes with the framed view in the material.

This project has strict requirements for construction time. With meticulous planning in the early stage and close on-site coordination in the construction period, the team completed the project with quality within the tight construction period of 42 days. The entire exhibition hall embodies the spirit of a great successor, showing both a long-lasting brand expression and a fashionable poetic atmosphere.

In the era of the rapid development of the Internet, a store is no longer a place simply for transaction, but a brand-displaying place with social interaction and communication functions that is unavailable online.While satisfying the commercial functions, the retail space should highlight the differentiation of the brand concept and products, to form the spatial impression and symbol of the brand in the minds of consumers.

Following clear design principles and the brand philosophy of Jeep, INGROUP has created a gathering space for customers who have exploratory spirits. The first global Jeep® Adventure aims to connect the brand and users through the medium of space, thereby extending and expanding the Jeep brand gene. Especially as the boundaries between products, space, and services become increasingly blurred, it will bring a diverse sense of presence and unique interaction experience, gathering those target groups who are interested in Jeep and outdoor exploring lifestyles. When their sensory experience is satisfied, emotions are connected, resonated, and expressed, and the advantages of the offline store can be maximized, thereby stimulating and practicing the broader promotion of the brand concept of Jeep.


INGROUP is an innovative cross-disciplinary creative architectural space design company specializing in digital transformation of experiential scenes, founded in 2004.

INGROUP is committed to providing design and management solutions for clients in various fields such as domestic and foreign brands, new retail, new consumption, new catering, new energy, new technology, and new medical care. These solutions include commercial strategies and digital interactive management backends. By analyzing the relationship between consumers and the environment, INGROUP helps brand clients gain a competitive advantage in the digital economy and win the favor of their target consumers. The company's spatial design works have won multiple international design awards, including DNA PARIS DESIGN, MUSE DESIGN, THE GOLDEN BUND, IAI DESIGN, INTERNATIONAL DESIGN MEDIA, NEST, ASIA PACIFIC INTERIOR DESIGN, JINTANG PRIZE, and so on.

As a cross-disciplinary creative team, our group includes strategy analysts, spatial designers, graphic designers, scene concept artists, planners, and digital engineers. With space design as the core and the integration of digital technology, we deeply understand the needs and behaviors of new consumer groups. By using unique strategies and creativity, we create interesting, stylish, and meaningful new consumer experience scenes. We employ digital interactive experiences and user behavior analysis to help clients achieve distinctive brand rejuvenation effects and provide them with more innovative and competitive integrated designs.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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