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Turning a barren, volcanic rocky outcrop into one of Santorini’s best architectural contributions was no easy feat of engineering, and the difficulties of this pinnacle location shaped the design narrative and concept of Aenaon Villas –a member of THE AFICIONADOS.

Located atop a mountain with distant views of the Channel Islands off the Santa Barbara coast, the design for this house takes a deferential attitude to the immediate landscape and the profundity of the panoramic views. The home is composed of a series of horizontal planes nestled into the hillside to create shelter while maximizing the view and exposure to the ocean and city views below.

Roofs are more than just protective covers for our homes; they are defining elements of architectural character and design. The silhouette a roof creates against the sky can transform a building from ordinary to extraordinary, serving both functional and aesthetic purposes.

Leading Japanese architectural consulting firm Nikken Sekkei celebrated the official opening of its One Za’abeel project, wholly owned by the Investment Corporation of Dubai, with a ceremony at the site on February 10.

Going solar makes sense for many homeowners due to the numerous benefits it offers. Just be sure to do your research, find the right professionals to install your system, and properly maintain it for optimal results. Going solar is a long-term investment that not only benefits your home but also the planet.

The site is a 3-minute walk from the subway station, and the front 5.5-meter road connects to the main street. The multi- tenant building is inserted into a row of residential buildings.

A Lot With Little, a touring multi-channel film installation showcases architects worldwide who are innovating sustainable solutions in housing, education, building transformation, and disaster relief, emphasizing social impact alongside environmental consciousness. Hosted by Prague's Center for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning (CAMP) until March 3, the exhibition aligns with the city's focus on sustainable development. Additionally, CAMP has curated a catalogue titled Little Resources, Big Changes, showcasing local projects with a similar ethos, furthering the exhibition's message with the local context.

The architectural structure of the complex is divided into two main parts: a vibrant green podium housing commercial facilities and three multi-story residential complexes. The podium features a refreshing green terrace and a captivating swimming pool, offering residents a serene oasis within the bustling city. One of the most remarkable and distinguishing aspects of the building is its green facade.