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Lagom Interiors: Kitchen-living room, bedroom, two children's rooms, three bathrooms. Despite the three children, the apartment creates an impression of lightness, freshness and relaxation. And this is exactly how we saw our customers – a modern young family, where children are not a hindrance to the comfort of parents.

Le Borgne Rizk Architecture: Built in 1911, this beautiful red brick house with its delicate wood cornice looked as if its interior was frozen in the 80s. Non-functional renovations completely cut off the dialogue between the house and the garden.

The Hainan Science Museum, designed by Ma Yansong / MAD Architects, is steadily advancing through its construction phases. The project, which began its design phase in 2020, broke ground in November 2021 and reached the completion of its main structure in June 2023.

The house is located in a residential area in the interior of the province of Valencia, next to a high quality natural environment, reinforced by the presence of the Golf Course that borders the plot. The urbanization is dominated by large plots, but with elongated proportions, bordering the road and the Golf Course on its short sides, and two adjoining plots on its long sides, which becomes another conditioning factor of the project.

Mumbai and Delhi NCR account for nearly 50% of the SM-REIT worthy assets across the top seven (Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bengaluru) markets of India

Following our strategy in this guide, you will never have to spend as much time and energy into cleaning again. You’d be able to sit back and relax as the robot does the work.

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As the cost of construction materials increases, developers and builders are trying to find ways to address the housing shortage. One solution would be 3D printing. This tech provides a quicker and cheaper construction phase, with the potential of using recycled materials.