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From the world to Vila do Conde. The intersections of the path, that lead in a single direction. A couple who travelled the world and chose Vila do Conde to live. Multiculturalism, individual experiences and tastes that intersect and find a common place.

project at Sampatiki Suites features a holistic landscape design that integrates both softscape and hardscape elements to provide functional and environmental benefits

The Sense 100 Building dances through long waves, different on each floor. The organic design and the panels projected onto the façade create dynamism, movement and moments.

Undertook the renovation of a small apartment in the area of Pangrati. This project overturns the classic typology of the "commercial" apartment building of the '60s in order to serve the needs of the modern lifestyle.

The Luxe Lakes CPI Island Commercial Renewal Project is a collection of villa models located on the east side of Luke Island in the "Luxe Lakes Ecological City" of Chengdu.

"Ark" is a medical aesthetics pharmaceutical corporate club located on the top floor of a single commercial building. It integrates functions such as showcasing corporate strength, displaying flagship products and entertaining guests.

In the heart of pristine nature, this stunning villa embodies the perfect coexistence of modern architecture and natural beauty. Its curved design and green roofs appear to have grown from the earth, seamlessly blending with the surrounding environment.

The SKYBOWL project at Hisense Plaza in Qingdao's Fushan Bayfront reimagines the mall's rooftop into a vibrant, accessible public space. Traditionally closed off and focused inward, the mall's design previously limited engagement with the city's beautiful bay views and temperate climate.