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An exhibition design project defining the Design Variations spaces through a smart use of bio-based materials. For the Milan Design Week 2024, MoscaPartners entrusted Park Associati with the design of an exhibition solution for the new location of Design Variations, a garage located in Milan's historic Darsena area, built from 1938 and completed at the end of the 1940s based on an idea by Marco Zanuso.

A residence, fundamentally, is the tangible embodiment of the dweller's life philosophy and personal style. It serves as the personalized habitat and emotional haven for urban elites. Taking Qingxi Garden, a villa cluster in the western suburbs of Shanghai, as an example, it nestled amidst high-end communities like Tan Gong, Ming Yuan, and Lv Gu not only signifies the living standards of Shanghai's top-tier affluent individuals but also stands as their distinctive interpretation and self-expression of a high-quality lifestyle.

These are the last days to take part in the 3rd edition of the international Paradyż Designers competition, organized by Paradyż Ceramics. Only until February 29, 11:59 pm, you can send in your contest entries.

For Basalto1028, it is important to create spaces that adhere to a fully integrated design, giving equal importance to both the interior and exterior of the project. This is how P10 is conceived as a synergistic residence that takes into account contrasting materiality, volumetrics that play with light entries, and comfortable spaces.

Boiler insurance is a necessary investment for any homeowner with a boiler. Unexpected breakdowns, costly repairs, and the need for emergency funds can all be avoided by having comprehensive coverage and access to professional maintenance through boiler insurance.

Buying a home can be overwhelming yet exciting. From setting a budget to finding the perfect property, understanding architectural types is key. This knowledge aids decision-making and offers insight into features. Explore common home types for your dream home selection!

ICCROM, through our Regional Centre in Sharjah, the United Arab Emirates, has joined forces with the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) to release two critical new resources covering cultural heritage recovery and international policymaking.

Embarking on a sensory journey in this modern cozy hotel cafe nestled in the Swiss mountains. The contemporary facade captivates with its sleek design, seamlessly blending black rustic wood and glass against the snowy backdrop. Step inside to experience the chic interior, adorned with black materials and bathed in the warm glow of professional lighting.