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The whole idea is concepted with the principle of creating a monochrome space which was achieved through the use of "industrial" materials with gray tones, to give priority to the textile products that will be exhibited. The design was conceived on the theoretical principle of simplicity, which is manifested by the connection of linear forms and materials that are not dedicated to the interior such as: concrete mesh, metal water pipes, construction reinforcements, stainless steel plates.

Can we bring romanticism through architecture? Or can we create an innocent illusory dreamy romantic vibe in architecture? In this series, I wanted to give a tribute to Eric Clapton’s famous song Wonderful Tonight by creating an illusory dreamy romantic architectural style.

Built in 1958 and originally designed by noted Pacific Northwest architect Roland Terry, this West Vancouver house no longer met the needs of contemporary living. Designed around a central courtyard, the L-shaped residence is divided into a private wing housing bedrooms and a public-oriented section holding the kitchen, dining and living areas. Purchased by a couple who enjoy entertaining, the house held great appeal—tall ceilings, exposed natural fir tree columns, and expansive glazing. Typical of its era, however, the home featured relatively small rooms that were closed off from one another and limited visual connections within the house as well as to the site itself.

The architectural project of this house in the middle of the sea dedicated to a goddess, is a work of art that fuses nature and technology, elegance and sustainability. The house is decorated to offer a unique and exclusive experience, in an incomparable environment surrounded by the sea. The design of the house focuses on using materials such as stone and exposed concrete, with impeccable finishes that provide solidity and firmness to the structure.

Casa Annunziata: Minimalist Glass House Dots a 9 Acre Grass Field in Berkshires, MA. The home is a 2,000 square foot single-story pavilion with a thin floating roof that cantilevers 15’ from the perimeter walls — an extreme departure from the owners’ previous 18th century farm house

The project was carried out for an adult with three adolescent children, and an active social life. The house is in San Salvador, a neighborhood close to the central area of the city of Córdoba, consisting mainly of single-family homes and characterized by having parcels of approximately 350.00m². The lot is located on the northern limit of the neighborhood, defined by a ravine that overlooks the Suquía River, an urban space that crosses the city.

Decorating rooms with high ceilings can be difficult as there is a lot of space to work with. Use our décor tips to achieve the ultimate aesthetic.

Are you looking for architectural design inspirations to give your home a modern makeover? We have compiled an extensive list of the top and trending architectural styles for modern homes to help inspire you. From industrial chic, minimalism, and traditional farmhouse style, learn more about the beautiful visual elements each aesthetic has to offer that can transform any living space into a unique and stunning abode.