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The aflalo/gasperini arquitetos office signs the project for the residential HL 746, in Itaim Bibi, in São Paulo. From the composition of the lines of the facade, the building brings in its design angles and inclinations present in several projects of the office.

Mini Mart City Park is a new community-focused pocket park and cultural center designed by GO’C and founded by the artist collaborative SuttonBeresCuller. The project has transformed a former gas station site into a Seattle hub for art events and community gatherings in the Georgetown neighborhood.

Taking advantage of a site on the edge of a Laurentian lake, this residence is anchored and embedded on a sloping lot. The deployment of the volumes allows for a varied relationship with the landscape, offering panoramic and plunging views of the lake, as well as interesting views of a tree, a wooded area, or the rocky cliff.

The Wave House is fitting into the virtual nature where it sits and offers stunning views and tranquillity. The orientation of the house takes key considerations of the design approach and creates an extra opportunity to get residents into the virtual heaven.

A family home located 100 meters from the River Torrens linear park walk. This 4 bedroom luxury home offers privacy from the street, with open plan living overlooking a generous rear yard and pool. The folding forms at the rear of the building create protected outdoor areas and large internal living spaces of various heights.

Only a few months since her graduation from the College of Architecture, Art and Design (CAAD) at American University of Sharjah (AUS), Maitha Al Hammadi is being recognized for forging her own path as she applies her Bachelor of Architecture degree to the field of sustainable landscape design.

Wind-powered Skyscraper is a new high-tech complex of buildings based on the principle of using an environmentally friendly renewable energy source – wind, which is everywhere. The concept was developed on the territory of modern Dubai, however, the complex can be located anywhere in the world, with strong and weak winds, since already at 4 m/s it is able to generate electricity and provide itself with it up to 200% of its own needs. The complex consists of four to five modules-buildings twisted around a fixed axis with rotors. The modules are interconnected by a common platform and technical floors.

Choosing the right roofing style for your home is essential for both aesthetic and practical reasons. Every homeowner should take the time to evaluate how their specific climate, aesthetics, and needs will be affected by their chosen roof style.