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The “wave Apartment” project’s main challenge was the reorganization and hierarchization of spaces.Located on the seafront, on the eighth floor of a typical 70s building, and with fantastic views. However, it did not take advantage of this due to the excessive compartmentalization that conveyed a complex environment that was difficult to interpret.

Ukrainian design brand NOOM and creative content studio CUUB collaborate to showcase Ukraine's architectural heritage and top-notch industrial design and remind people about the War in Ukraine just on the second anniversary of the full-scale invasion of Russia.

Concrete. It evokes images of sturdy bridges, utilitarian dams, and perhaps even bland parking structures. It's often seen as the workhorse of the building industry, valued for its raw strength and resilience, but rarely associated with elegance or beauty.

Inspired by the complex network of tunnels and chambers found in ant colonies, this innovative house design reimagines communal living with interconnected spaces and hidden passageways.

Gateway at Millbrae Station mixed-use office building designed by Form4 Architecture is part of an exemplary transit-oriented development.

TinyHouse.com is thrilled to announce the recipients of the inaugural 2023 Tiny Home Awards, celebrating excellence in tiny home craftsmanship and innovation. Recognizing outstanding achievements across 13 distinctive categories, these awards honor the industry's premier builders and their remarkable contributions to the tiny home movement.

The clients are a young couple with two small children. Very positive and kind people. They came with the exact idea that the walls should be white, the sofa in the living room should be emerald-colored in velour fabric, the fireplace should be decorated with brickwork, the furniture should be in Provence style and the staircase with forged elements.

Situated on a 195 sqm plot, the Chainani house in Vadodara stands as a testament to the client's love for their community and desire to spend their retirement years with this community and memories.