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The Luxe Lakes CPI Island Commercial Renewal Project is a collection of villa models located on the east side of Luke Island in the "Luxe Lakes Ecological City" of Chengdu.

"Ark" is a medical aesthetics pharmaceutical corporate club located on the top floor of a single commercial building. It integrates functions such as showcasing corporate strength, displaying flagship products and entertaining guests.

In the heart of pristine nature, this stunning villa embodies the perfect coexistence of modern architecture and natural beauty. Its curved design and green roofs appear to have grown from the earth, seamlessly blending with the surrounding environment.

The SKYBOWL project at Hisense Plaza in Qingdao's Fushan Bayfront reimagines the mall's rooftop into a vibrant, accessible public space. Traditionally closed off and focused inward, the mall's design previously limited engagement with the city's beautiful bay views and temperate climate.

This mountain retreat, crafted from rustic metal materials, offers a unique and breathtaking experience. As you step into this sanctuary, it's like stepping into an artist's canvas, with nature's curtain unfolding before your eyes.

Creating a nurturing environment for the little ones is like planting a garden — you want it to grow and bloom for years to come. Think of wallpaper for nursery room as the backdrop to your kid's childhood adventures.

You must master the basic techniques if you want to start decorative woodworking. In addition, you should have a quality set of tools for the craft. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know to begin.

This project was inspired by the Japanese concept of nisetai jutaku — dual family homes that typically accommodate the senior generation and their children. IDEOLOGIST aimed to merge two contemporary residences into a unified, functional space that facilitates both communal living and individual privacy.