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The India based multidisciplinary architecture, interior design, landscaping and urban planning firm Abraham John Architects  has designed "Villa in the palms" in Sangolda, Goa, India.  Project description by the architects: Villa in the Palms has been designed around nature, exhibiting great...
The Santa Barbara based architecture studio ShubinDonaldson has designed "Skyline Residence" in Santa Barba, California. The Contextural Contortionist: What if a home could realize great potential views and enhance its oceanside suburban context? Fully utilizing the site, the main living areas sits on the top 3rd floor with panoramic Pacific Ocean...
Project name
Skyline Residence
Architecture firm
Santa Barba, California, USA
Jeremy Bitterman
The Jakarta based architectural studio Budi Pradono Architects has designed "R-House" that located in Depok, West Java province, Indonesia.   Project description by the architects: How the house does have a new relation with the nature? Not a rigid segregation. Should we plant trees outside th...
The Kuala Lumpur based architectural research studio Formzero has designed "Planter Box House" a single family house in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Planter Box House designed by Formzero is aimed to celebrate sustainable living lifestyle and to grow food for self-sufficiency. With multiple passive design strategies to create a low energy house, the hou...
Project name
Planter Box House
Architecture firm
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Ameen Deen
The London based architectural studio OF. Studio has designed brutal honesty "North-South House" that located in Argentina at pre-Andean mountain range.  Project description by the architects: The Project emerges as a series of retention walls on the south facing side of the hill. They define...
The Valencia based architectural firm Balzar Arquitectos & Julia Alcocer has designed "Mirasal Housing" a contemporary residential complex in torrevieja, Spain.  Project description by the architects: Torrevieja is a seaside town located south of Alicante, known for its major tourism attractio...
The Brazilian based architecture & urban planning firm Martins Lucena Architects has designed "IF House" a single-family housing project with 420 m² , located in a residential condominium in the city of Natal- RN, Brazil.  Project description by the architects: Served in a bold and elegant way...