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Home of Finance-Elites: Wang Rui's Latest Residential Interior Design in Beijing

Project name:
Home of Finance-Elites
Architecture firm:
Rui Design
Zhenmiaofu, Beijing, China
Gan Yuan, Mu Ye
Principal architect:
Wang Rui
Design team:
Built area:
308 m²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Interior design:
Rui Design
Environmental & MEP engineering:
Structural engineer:
Tools used:
Residential/ Appartment

Rui Design: Outlining life through culture

“Design delves into the essence of things as deeply as possible to provide us with a different perspective of the world.  

First-rate designers cultivate balance and moderation. Subtle yet well-thought design elements brighten up our homes, as only an emotional atmosphere can make a space worth living in it.” Wang Rui

Dialogue: Ancient and modern, East and West, reality and art

Design is the kind of logic that reshapes space. The present residential design aspires to create an emotional bond between the space and its residents. The design language imbues urban rhythm, a cultural tenor, and harmonious aesthetics to develop an atmosphere with a unique lifestyle that residents can enjoy, love, and desire.

A colorful set of maid sculptures welcomes the residents with delicate lines and round and powerful shapes by the entrance hall. The art pieces are charming and lofty to the detail. They evoke graceful courtesans from ancient times, an example of mystery and sophistication. Elegant background walls act as the perfect complement. The inspiration comes from the weave and texture of fabrics drying out in the sun. The notion of traditional craftsmanship adds a romantic touch to the scene. The harmonic aesthetic and connotation of the surroundings enrich all the artworks inside the residence.

Into the residence, the walls become a quintessential design element. Rather than functioning as a standard background, their rugged textures evoke bohemian freedom that celebrates diversity. The design language invites residents to define their lifestyles instead of following prescribed ones.

Life is not a monologue. It is more like a symphony of time and space.

Wang Rui, the project designer, creates a unique dialogue between ancient and modern elements like vintage sofas and Sanyu’s paintings. His design language integrates diversity into the space, adding a touch of life and freshness to the whole residence.

The design philosophy of Wang Rui is an insightful reflection of life, an integrated approach of multiple design elements. He focuses on the present and in the daily life of modern times. The 70s and the early 80s share a generational link. This ideology from the past can set the groundwork for the future as the startup point for creative development defined by acceptance and tolerance, a unique combination of art, culture, and vitality.

A set of Roche Bobois sofas in the living room offers the nobility of traditional French craftsmanship. The exclusive brand of made-to-order designs delivers a luxurious and cosmopolitan atmosphere of the highest order. Its elegance, high quality, and modernity take the lead in the fashion industry, creating artistic furniture that shapes contemporary lifestyles.

The wall cabinets feature matte surfaces toned between black and mahogany. Their noble disposition creates an inclusive atmosphere for different elements. On top of this, the designer changed the proportional relationship and distribution of the door panels several times to achieve the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

The design language focuses on artistic and humanistic details that create an elegant and cultivated atmosphere. Such an eclectic combination of historical and social elements grants the space a charming and authentic character. A residence reflects the character of its owner. It only takes a glance at the art collections on the cabinets to realize their creative nature. More than objects, they represent concepts that have evolved. They are artistic notions and historical interpretations that residents can feel and touch.

The designer shapes space into a cultural journey of artistic enlightenment and spiritual baptism through a dialogue between ancient and modern times.

To guarantee the best visual result, the color and texture of the kitchen’s slate tiles carefully match the cabinets. Likewise, thoughtful varnishing provides the space with a unique and charming texture, pleasant to the touch.

The elegant waistline of the cabinets on the aisle that leads from the living room to the bedroom required a long time to complete. Delicate fabrics were attached manually by several workers to create a silky, smooth finish. The designer applied colors from the Tang Dynasty like crimson red and bamboo green into the piece to permeate culture into the daily life of residents, adding a soft sensorial element that evokes memories of home.

The bedroom showcases the simplicity of oriental culture. Such design provides a sense of freedom and ease, set apart from the world, delivering a comfortable lifestyle. There are two ways to complete a design project. One is to fade out gradually, and another is to finish strong with bright colors and bold patterns. This project ends up boldly. The bathroom walls portray a lively narrative of Italian design, while its floor tiles display fabric-like textures that mimic haute couture patterns.


Collingwood once said that “all history is the history of ideas.” Human heritage consists of deeply interwoven cultural and historical elements. They are a record of endeavor, a reflection of life, and a collection of significant experiences. They embrace ideas, aspirations, and spirituality. Even more, they provide the framework for our cognitive life. Furthermore, design expands the world into a broader and deeper space. It links the past and the future, existence, and art, shortening the distance in between.

Wang Rui

Designer Wang Rui has extensive experience in the successful completion of projects in the varied fields of high-end residences, boutique hotels, prototype houses for developers, and commercial space planning & design. He and his team are committed to providing professional interior design services of the highest quality for every project they work on. 

RUI DESIGN also offers exceptional value through cooperation with overseas design teams, offering clients with limited market access an international perspective and innovative design solutions.

By Liliana Alvarez

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