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Shenzhen Science & Technology Museum by Zaha Hadid Architects

Project name:
Shenzhen Science & Technology Museum
Architecture firm:
Zaha Hadid Architects
Shenzhen, China
Principal architect:
Patrik Schumacher
Design team:
Niran Buyukkoz, Saman Dadgostar
Marshall Day Acoustics, Art of Fact, GYAC (Shanghai), Acoustics & Theatre Design Division, East China Architectural Design & Research Institute, Jorjun Green Building Technology, Guangdong, Teecom, Beijing Institute of Architectural Design, Dadi Facade Technology, GD-Lighting Design Consultancy
Built area:
125,000 m²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Interior design:
J&A (Jiang & Associates)
Structural engineer:
Capol International & Associates Group
Environmental & MEP:
Capol International & Associates Group
Brick Visual, Slashcube
Tools used:
Autodesk 3ds Max
The Bureau of Public Works of the Shenzhen Municipality
Under Construction
Cultural, Museum

Zaha Hadid Architects: The future Shenzhen Science & Technology Museum, located within the Guangming Science City, will become a pearl of the Guangzhou–Shenzhen Science TechnologyInnovation Corridor. The museum will be a key destination to learn and explore the power of science & technology and understand their impact on our life and future. Linked with universities, schools and innovation centres across China, the museum will form the region’s World Class Science City, becoming a landmarkinstitution that will showcase and strengthen Shenzhen’s global position as a leading centre of innovation and technology.

futuristic building in china surrounded with green landscape Visualization by Brick Visual 

With a total area of approximately 125,000m2, the museum’s U-shaped plan provides intuitive orientation and navigation, guiding visitors through its sequence of interconnecting public spaces, galleries and educational facilities centred around its atrium courtyard; defining a journey of discovery that unites the city and park withthe museum’s inspirational exhibitions.

Shenzhen Technology museum near river Visualization by Slashcube

Incorporating maximum adaptability as a basic design principle, the geometries, proportions and spatial experience of each gallery will offer visitors a rich and varied experience each time they visit. While some galleries can remain familiar and unchanged, others will change according to the type of exhibition showing at the time.

The geometric definition of the museum’s envelope has been informed by its programme, echoing the spatial flow within its galleries and connecting the museum’s central atrium with the public park to the west.

Shenzhen Science & Technology Museum by Zaha Hadid Visualization by Brick Visual  

museum facade Visualization by Brick Visual  

aerial view of the city Visualization by Slashcube 

museum interior main lobby Visualization by Slashcube 

interior design with lighting Visualization by Slashcube 

big auditorium hall Visualization by Slashcube 

Chinese spaceship Visualization by Zaha Hadid Architects 

Connects with the Zaha Hadid Architects


ZHA Principal: Patrik Schumacher

ZHA Project Directors: Charles Walker (Commercial Director) Paulo Flores
Simon Yu

ZHA Project Architect: Edgar Payan

ZHA Project Senior Associate: Lydia Kim

ZHA Project Package Leads: Juan Montiel, Jinqi Huang, Niran Buyukkoz, Saman Dadgostar, Julian Lin, Richard Wasenegger

ZHA Project Team: Berkin Islam, Cheryl Lim, John Kanakas, Sven Torres, Michael On, Yuxuan Zhao, Enoch Kolo, Karina Linnsen, Boyan Hristov, Bechara Malkoun, Mansel Haynes

ZHA Project Design Directors: Paulo Flores, Simon Yu

ZHA Project Architects: Karoly Markos Edgar Payan

ZHA Design Leads: Niran Buyukkoz, Saman Dadgostar

ZHA Project Team: Jinqi Huang, Berkin Islam, Billy Webb, Cheryl Lim, Christos Koukis, Federico
Fauli, Juan Montiel, Jurij Licen, Michal Wojtkiewicz, Bogdan Zaha, Michael On, Yuxuan Zhao, Enoch Kolo, Nastasja Mitrovic

Acoustics Consultants: Marshall Day Acoustics

Exhibitions Consultants: Art of Fact

Cinema Consultants: Teecom

Landscape Consultants: Gillespies

Specialist Consultants (Schematic Design Stage)

Façade Consultant: GYAC (Shanghai)

Acoustics Consultants: Acoustics & Theatre Design Division, East China Architectural Design & Research Institute

Green Building Consultants: Jorjun Green Building Technology, Guangdong

Specialist Consultants (Preliminary Design Stage)

Local Design Institute (Structure & MEP): Capol International & Associates Group

Local Design Institute (Architectural): Beijing Institute of Architectural Design

Façade Design Consultants: Dadi Facade Technology

Interior Design Consultants: J&A (Jiang & Associates)

Exterior Lighting Consultants: GD-Lighting Design Consultancy


By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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