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Shirley Dan: The bachelor fell in love with a house for investment and decided to live in it

Project name:
The bachelor fell in love with a house for investment and decided to live in it
Architecture firm:
Shirley Dan
The Sharon region, Israel
Shay Adam
Principal architect:
Shirley Dan
Design team:
Shirley Dan
Interior design:
Built area:
300 m²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Environmental & MEP:
Tools used:
Entry door: Hakshourian; Modern fireplace: Ortal; Seating systems in the living room: Oknin; Bedding and bedroom curtains: Miriam Orgon
Residential › House

This is an exceptional project of a 44-year-old bachelor, a construction supervisor, who closely collaborates with architect Shirley Dan in managing her projects. When he acquired the plot, it was clear to him that Shirley Dan would be the one to build his house. Initially, the house was meant solely for investment purposes. However, the bachelor fell in love with the house and decided to move in. The house, located in the Sharon region, sits on a quarter-dunam plot, spanning 300 square meters, including a basement, ground floor, and first floor. In total, the house has 8 rooms (prepared for an expanding family in the future).

It's a chic and youthful house. During the construction, the investor realized he wanted to live in it. Until then, he had resided in a nearby community. Hence, the design, finishes, and materials were meticulously chosen. The plan aimed to maximize the space and cleverly set up the house to mitigate the relatively small size of the plot. The idea is for the house to ultimately serve the future family. The house is modern, warm, and inviting, characterized by various shades of black and wood. European facades, modern interiors, youthful, and warm tones.

The entrance to the house is through a divided concrete pathway. A plant-lined pathway leads to the impressive black door. Upon entering the house, one encounters the communal space with smoked oak parquet floors and large window openings. The entrance door divides the house into two wings. On the left of the entrance are the kitchen and a family room, the private area of ​​the house. The kitchen, designed by Shirley Dan, is black and made of carpentry, with a parquet-floored space and a black island that includes a cooking area. Adjacent to the kitchen is a family room with a lounge sofa, a large TV, and a welcoming, comfortable space.

To the right of the entrance door are the living room and dining area. Large vitrines surround the living room and dining area, leading out to the garden. The living room features a dominant wall with a fireplace and a large screen. The fireplace wall is clad in intricate tiles, in an asymmetrical covering. Inviting seating arrangements in a charcoal tone, a coffee table with wood and glass, abundant textiles through curtains and rugs. In the center of the house are stairs leading half a level down to the concealed guest toilets, with a door at ground level. The dramatic toilets are designed with dark-toned tiles and dramatic lighting.

A separate entrance leads to a 100-square-meter basement used for household needs. The impressively wooden stairs feature a black parapet. On the upper floor, there are 3 children's rooms and a luxurious master suite with a dressing room leading to the bathroom, equipped with a dual shower. The floor is a water-resistant Bordeaux, special water-resistant wood, with tiles in black tones. Brushed faucets in a gold tone.

The master suite is particularly luxurious, providing a boutique hotel feel. The suite is adorned with shades of gray-black and white, abundant textiles. A large, imposing mirror adorns the sides of the bed. Also on this floor, a children's shower is positioned between two rooms, with gray tones, a teak sink unit, and concealed lighting cascading onto the wall. One of the rooms serves as a workspace. Another children's room functions as a guest room and comes with an attached bathroom.

By Liliana Alvarez

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