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Mezze Residence #2 in Quito, Ecuador by Najas Arquitectos

Project name:
Mezze Residence #2
Architecture firm:
Najas Arquitectos
Tumbaco, Quito, Ecuador
Principal architect:
Esteban Najas
Design team:
Andrés Lucero, Sebastián Montenegro, Martín Antelo, Rommel Antamba, Andrés Córdova / Dyconel (Consultant)
Interior design:
Built area:
550 m²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Nicolás Morabowen, José Salvador
Environmental & MEP:
Tools used:
Concrete, Wood, Glass
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The Quito-based architecture office Najas Arquitectos has recently completed ''Mezze Residence #2'' a single-family home that is located in Tumbaco, QuitoEcuador

Architect's statement: Mezze Residence #2 is part of a set of four private houses located in Quito, Ecuador, on the Tumbaco Valley, on the northwestern foothills of the Ilaló inactive Volcano. The preexistence of many avocado and lemon trees on the site, and the direct views of the volcano where the precursors of many design decisions which had to be weaved with the owners requirements to have a house that required to have seemingly opposite qualities of privacy and transparency.

Thru the main access, a great avocado tree welcomes the frontal façade which embodies the spirit of privacy with a concrete volume that, has almost no openings, and unfolds diagonally to the main wood entrance door.

Upon entering, the natural environment is revealed past the main social hall and kitchen which is contained by a high ceiling concrete and wood canopy that opens to the private garden views to the south.

The man circulation turns the corner past a magnolia tree to connect to the amenity’s areas of the house in the main floor, giving this space the required sense of privacy and also providing direct connection to the eastern garden views.

Along this path, the main staircase reveals itself as a ¨vertical¨ library that wraps up the second-floor volume of the house. This living areas can function autonomously to the rest of the house by a security door that closes at night and allow the bedrooms to interact with the family living spaces and a mini kitchen in isolation from the rest of the house.

Morning sun and crossed ventilation allow the living areas to enjoy and control the local climate while enjoying the direct views of the Ilalo volcano.

modern house in Quito Ecuador with incline glass windows image © BICUBIK 

concrete with concrete deck at backyard garden during the night with illumination image © BICUBIK 

double volume living area with large windows image © BICUBIK 

wooden staircase with wooden handrails image © BICUBIK 

wooden staircase image © BICUBIK 

modern dining table with grey chairs in the kitchen image © BICUBIK 

modern kitchen with double volume roof and wooden dining table image © BICUBIK 

kitchen design with dining table image © BICUBIK 

kitchen with island image © BICUBIK 

narrow horizontal window in kitchen image © BICUBIK 

sunlight hitting the wooden stairs image © BICUBIK 

modern home cinema image © BICUBIK 

living room with steel structure columns and beams image © BICUBIK 

big avocado tree grown near the house image © BICUBIK 

wooden entrance door image © BICUBIK 

house with illumination at night image © BICUBIK 

garage with metallic roof image © BICUBIK 

big tree at backyard garden image © BICUBIK 

Mezze Residence #2 in Quito, Ecuador by Najas Arquitectosimage © BICUBIK 

Mezze Residence #2 in Quito, Ecuador by Najas Arquitectosimage © BICUBIK 

outdoor landscape of the house image © BICUBIK 

Mezze Residence #2 in Quito, Ecuador by Najas Arquitectosimage © BICUBIK 

house with illumination image © BICUBIK 

big trees in garden image © BICUBIK 

trees grown at backyard garden image © BICUBIK 

concrete wall image © BICUBIK 

architectural diagram Diagram 

Ground Floor Plan Ground Floor Plan 

First Floor Plan First Floor Plan 

Roof Floor Plan Roof Floor Plan 

Elevations Elevations 

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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