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Black Diamond Residential in Sahagun City, Mexico by Innovative Architecture Construction Group

Project name:
Black Diamond Residential
Architecture firm:
Innovative Architecture Construction Group
Calzada Periférica No. 47 Lomas del Pedregal, Ciudad Sahagún, Tepeapulco, Hidalgo, Mexico
Principal architect:
Adan Samuel Martinez Garcia
Design team:
Luis Labra Hernandez
Amaury Aguilar
Interior design:
Adan Samuel Martinez Garcia
Built area:
256.53 m²
Site area:
300 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Amaury Aguilar
Structural engineer:
Amaury Aguilar
Environmental & MEP:
Luis Fernando Romo Aguilar
Adan Samuel Martinez Garcia
Amaury Aguilar
Tools used:
AutoCAD, SketchUp, Lumion, Adobe Photoshop, Study
Innovative Architecture Construction Group
Block, Rod, Concrete, Mortar, Cement, Plaster, Ceramic Plaster, Sand, Gravel, Stone
Eduardo Soto Trujillo
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Innovative Architecture Construction Group: Black Diamond Residential is undoubtedly an icon of Architecture within its geographical area, thought and designed with a futuristic perspective, each of the elements that make up its interiors, such as its facade with the same flown elements that create a differentiator due to its eccentric and out of the ordinary.

Similarly, it takes up sustainability principles working with a biodigester system itself that allows it to treat the building's sewage to process it and turn it into gray water.

It has a pool itself that its heating process is through solar panels, leaving aside the fuels that a boiler normally requires. To end our residence, it is a smart home, with home automation adaptations for the intelligent management of lights, contacts, systematized gate movement, intelligent blind movement, intelligent audio system, camera control and closed circuit.

The plants consist of:


The ground floor of our residence consists of an open plan design, where our architecture seeks to be as clean and sober as possible, trying to eliminate walls that divide the spaces; delimiting each of them with our own furniture.

This plant consists of:

*Living room

* 1/2 Bath

*Dining room

*Kitchen room

* Billiard and canteen area

*Double height

*Swimming pool

*Service yard

*Machine room

* 1/2 Bath

* Garage for 2 cars

* Cistern with a capacity of 12 liters

* System for treating and recycling sewage through a biodigester process.

modern residence in Hidalgo Mexico


This level is characterized by its impressive double height view. Likewise, equipped with a series of amenities in which when climbing the stairs you find a Jacuzzi area that allows you a panoramic view towards the ground floor and an incredible orientation of the domes that generate an effect of light and shadow, reflected in double height floors and walls.

All this without neglecting the chandelier with a unique style, with a futuristic touch of eccentric and irregular shapes.

This plant consists of:

* Jacuzzi area


* Main Bedroom

*Dressing room

* Full bathroom

* Bedroom Jr. 1

* Closet

* Full bathroom

* Bedroom Jr. 2

* Closet

* Full bathroom

Style, elegance, avant-garde and HIGH DESIGN come together in this emblematic project.


modern backyard garden design

garden lighting design

black house exterior facade

Black Diamond Residential in Sahagun City, Mexico by Innovative Architecture Construction Group

tennis table in living room

floating staircase with wooden steps

modern kitchen interior design

kitchen island design

circular pool design

swimming pool at backyard

wooden staircase design

wooden parquet floor

bathroom washing basin

bathroom vanity design with mirror

shower glass door

toilet next the shower

double volume living room

architectural floor plans

architectural section drawing


By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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