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How To Think When Building Your Dream Home

Written by:
Allen Brown
Reza Mohtashami

You must have a dream home in your mind which you have built or want to develop. If you don’t own a house yet, then it is time to start thinking about it. Dreams would be valuable if you struggle to make them valid and implement them practically. The first step to fulfill the dream house is to start thinking about the idea progressively.

What is a dream house? A house where you found yourself comfortable in your dreams, having all the necessities you required. People have varying needs, and they want their dream house as per their needs, future demands, and of course, within their budget. Below are a few tips that will help a lot in building your dream house.

Start Saving Money

Can you build a house without saving money? Surely, no. The first step in converting the dream of building a house to reality is saving the money as per requirement. Dreams can come true if you begin working on them. If you only dream without any strategy, then the house will not be built in reality. 

Money is the basic need for building the dream house, or we can say achieving any dream requires money. So there is a need to analyze the budget and expenses needed for the home. Consult an architect or a civil engineer to get an accurate budget for the project. Start saving the money from daily expenditures for building and acquiring the house. Besides savings, there are other ways, such as taking a home loan, but it requires paying for interests which can be sometimes costly.

Consider The Future

How many family members would you have in the future? Or any plans for having children in the future?. There is a long list of questions that must be kept in mind while building a house. You should think about accommodating the grandparents and grandchildren, as they require separate rooms and space. Or, if your home is in a good picnic location, space is needed for close family members on holidays or any occasion.

Similarly, if you are thinking of working from home in the future, there is a need for separate space for work or a home-based office. Conclusively, you should think about future family and working routines while building a dream house to avoid troubles later on.

Look For A Good Designer

The most important aspect of building a dream house is designing it. Why is it important? Of course, everyone dreams of a place with a fantastic outlook and interior design. You should find a custom home builder to get the house design of your choice. Look for a professional designer; they will help you build the house precisely the structure you dreamed of. Always check the work experience of the designer before hiring, and discuss the structure thoroughly and precisely. It will help to analyze the credibility of the designer and fill your mind with innovative ideas. Give him your plan, and he will suggest improvements if required.

Prioritize Your Needs

After roughly recording the ideas, there is a need to think about the needs and requirements an ideal house must contain. Fancies houses require a huge budget, so first, think about the basic needs rather than the luxuries. For example, if you want a small box window in the kitchen for growing herbs, prioritize this idea over other luxurious kitchen designs.

Similarly, think about your comforts; what you badly need in your house? A swimming pool, a grassy lawn, recreation area, or a library? Different people have varying interests, so start thinking as per your interest before building a house. List down the necessities you need, and make the house accordingly.

Natural Sunlight In Your Home

Everyone wants to enjoy the sunset in the evening with the drink in hand. So why not build a house in a way you can enjoy the sunset and sunrise sitting in your window. Consider the direction of sun movement and position throughout the day rather than regretting later on not having sunshine or having too much sunlight. If there is not enough sunlight, you may suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD). It can cause depression, social withdrawal, lethargy, weight gain, and many more. Designs the room in a way to enjoy balanced sunlight with the sunrise and sunset view as needed.

modern living room with skylight Sky Point Villa in Bedford Hills, New York, USA designed by Reza Mohtashami

Consider The Weather Conditions

Have you gathered the information about the weather of the selected area for the house? If not, then better to think of it before it gets too late. For instance, if a storm frequently hits the site, then keep the windows of rooms accordingly to prevent any damage. Check if the weather conditions encourage the solar panels, as it lowers the cost of electricity. Also, if you are planning to build a house in a cold area, choose the design and roofing material accordingly to keep the house warm. For example, a gable roof is recommended for snowy regions to prevent the collection of heavy snow over the top. If the weather is hot, choose the light roof, add insulation, install roof vents to avoid heating the house.

Privacy Concerns

Are you conscious of your privacy? Always consider the privacy of the area where you want to build the house. Collect the information about the people living there, especially the close neighbors, to avoid getting into problems later.

Avoid the nosy neighbors and people from interfering with your matters and businesses. Study the easement laws of the area and try to follow them. Inquire about the law and order situation of the area and local laws of the vicinity. Start building the house after complete verification of the pros and cons associated with the area.

Dreams come true for those who show interest in implementing them practically. The above-mentioned are the few essential steps. It requires strong dedication, perseverance, and determination to build a dream house. You need to be extremely careful while accomplishing your dream and thoroughly study all the aspects of the area where you need to make a house.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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