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The Beauty of Swimming Pools – Aerial Photographer’s New Series Brad Walls

Award-winning aerial photographer Brad Walls, also known as Bradscanvas, has just released his highly-anticipated new series Pools From Above - an ode to the beauty found in the shapes, colours and textures of swimming pools.

This unique and never-before-seen perspective uses Walls’ clean, minimal aesthetic to visually showcase interesting pools from around the world.

Inspired by his travels throughout Southeast Asia and within his own home country of Australia, Walls’ journey initially began by capturing the bodies of water simply to document holiday memories. It wasn’t until picking up the bestselling Annie Kelly coffee table book Splash: The Art of the Swimming Pool, however, that Walls would start investing time and passion into curating a series, stating that “As I turned each page of Kelly’s book, a wave of childhood nostalgia washed over me, spending hours in the pool over summer.” Paying powerful homage to Kelly, Walls’ series chooses to keenly focus on pools’ elements of composition from a bird’s eye view. “I fell in love with the lines, curves and negative space of the pools, which - without alternate perspective from a drone - would have been lost.”

A Palm Spring Ting Private pool, Byron BayA Palm Spring Ting Private pool, Byron Bay

Pools From Above is also an integral part of a much larger project which is aimed at a book release in the not-too-distant future, as Walls says “The response from viewers has been positive, asking for the series to be amongst their coffee table books.” Looking ahead, once the world finally re-opens, Walls has no plans of slowing down. He plans to capture even more world-renowned swimming pools across an array of idyllic locations, including Palm Springs, Mexico and the Mediterranean.

Aquacade Bondi Icebergs, SydneyAquacade Bondi Icebergs, Sydney

Since bursting onto the photography scene in early 2019, Walls has gone on to produce award-winning photographs and garner worldwide media attention, with a primary focus on capturing aerial portraits of sportspeople like synchronized swimmers, gymnasts and ice skaters from unique perspectives and angles that audiences are normally unable to see.

Babylon Private pool, SydneyBabylon Private pool, Sydney

Walls is a featured artist for the Inaugural 2020 Aerial Photography Awards in October and already shortlisted for the Drone Photo Awards in Siena, Italy, within the Sport and People categories.

Quarter pi Private Pool, SydneyQuarter pi Private Pool, Sydney

Balletic Private Pool Byron BayBalletic Private Pool Byron Bay

Blu Private property, BaliBlu Private property, Bali

pool at Cosmo Bondi Icebergs, SydneyCosmo Bondi Icebergs, Sydney

Daydream Private Pool, SydneyDaydream Private Pool, Sydney

Grecian sun sleeper Private Pool, PhilippinesGrecian sun sleeper Private Pool, Philippines

pool at layers Private property, Balilayers Private property, Bali

Momentum public pool Prince Albert-Park Pool, SydneyMomentum public pool Prince Albert-Park Pool, Sydney

Nostalgia Private property, BaliNostalgia Private property, Bali

Pool On the ledge Byron BayOn the ledge Byron Bay

Paradise walkway and pool on Private property, BaliParadise walkway Private property, Bali

Patterns pool Resort Byron BayPatterns Resort Byron Bay

Pixelated H2O Private pool at property in PhilippinesPixelated H2O Private property, Philippines

Solo swim Public pool, SydneySolo swim Public pool, Sydney

pool at Summer bliss Private property, SydneySummer bliss Private property, Sydney

Suns out buns Ωut Private pool, SydneySuns out buns Ωut Private pool, Sydney

Survival Juice public pool, Prince Albert Park Pool, SydneySurvival Juice public pool, Prince Albert Park Pool, Sydney

Symmetry Private Pool, MalaysiaSymmetry Private Pool, Malaysia

Time warp pool at Resort Byron BayTime warp Resort Byron Bay

Up and down public pool, Prince Albert Park Pool, SydneyUp & down public pool, Prince Albert Park Pool, Sydney


Series name: Pools from above

Photographer: Brad Walls

Tools used: DJI Mavic 2 pro, Adobe PhotoshopAdobe Lightroom

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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