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Apartment interior in Prague by Boq Architekti

The Prague-based architectural studio Boq Architekti has recently completed an apartment interior in a new residential building in Holešovice, Prague, Czech Republic

Project description by the architects:

The owners, a young active couple, were looking for an oasis in the center of Prague. The basic expressive elements are subdued shades, anthracite gray and black, colors that calm the mind and withstand the distinctive color accent of mustard yellow, the owner's favorite color. Furthermore, steel as a basic element of the entire interior, complemented by a touch of natural oak wood.

a modern black interior kitchen in Prague image © Tomas Dittrich

Cold steel, which intersects the entire interior, occurs in several forms. Steel tailor-made table legs were used to support the kitchen island. As the island does not reach the ground, the interior significantly relieves and interfaces living space together. Steel shelves, which are embedded in the wall as razor blades, create a decent library.  Last but not least, steel, anthracite gray elements appear on mobile furniture and accessories - table, chairs, coffee table, and lamps.

black kitchen design image © Tomas Dittrich

All furniture was tailor-made, the key here was excellent cooperation with the carpenter, which was reflected in the quality of workmanship in detail. 
The living space is dominated by a black kitchen with a light work island, followed by a very simple library that deceives the body a bit - the demands on the contractor here were very high. 

Apartment interior in Prague by Boq Architektiimage © Tomas Dittrich

dining round table in front of kitchen in a small apartment image © Tomas Dittrich

The owners did not want too disturbing elements, so the apartment was not considered with a TV. Instead, a projection screen is built into the living room wall. The atmosphere was worked here, the smart wiring, working with the color of the backlight and the lighting of the whole room got the word. The result is a cinema-like experience. 

round table and yellow chairs in from of a black kitchen image © Tomas Dittrich
All built-in furniture is designed very simply and efficiently. Whether it's a comfortable sitting area in the hallway or a double bed with a library and a bedside table in the bedroom, these are niches set in furniture sets.

glass shelves on the wallimage © Tomas Dittrich

the cabinet of the kitchen used as bookshelf image © Tomas Dittrich

black metallic sink used in this modern kitchen image © Tomas Dittrich

black kitchen cabinets image © Tomas Dittrich

Apartment interior in Prague by Boq Architektiimage © Tomas Dittrich

a glass vase with a palnt inside on the glass shelf image © Tomas Dittrich

a pendant lamp over bed image © Tomas Dittrich

two night table on the side of the bed image © Tomas Dittrich

bedroom with grey bed and white mattress image © Tomas Dittrich

an opened door from bedroom to living area image © Tomas Dittrich

a blurry woman staring by door image © Tomas Dittrich

circular wooden objects hanged on a black wall image © Tomas Dittrich

a big side table lamp at the corner of an L-shaped sofa with yellow and grey color image © Tomas Dittrich

Project name: Apartment interior in Prague

Architecture firm: Boq Architekti

Location: Holešovice, Prague, Czech Republic

Year: 2019

Photography: Tomas Dittrich

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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