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A SYMPHONY OF SERENITY: The timelessness of white and a dance of details

Project name:
The White Abode
Architecture firm:
Under The Arch
Nikol, Ahmedabad, India
Studio Rohan Patel
Principal architect:
Shyam Gajera, Kunjan Akbari, Shruti Salia
Design team:
Shyam Gajera, Kunjan Akbari, Shruti Salia
Ambam Furniture
Built area:
3300 ft²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Interior design:
Environmental & MEP engineering:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
ID Shreya Panchal
Tools used:
AutoCAD, SketchUp, Enscape
Mr. Ramesh Patel
3.3 M
Residential › Apartment Interior

Under The Arch: This design journey allows us to explore the delicate balance between luxury and simplicity, where a symphony of pastel and gold accents, elegant design, and the eternal appeal of architectural arches are set above a calm white canvas. At the heart of this design tale lies the commitment to minimalism, where simplicity becomes the guiding principle. Clean lines and uncluttered spaces set the stage for an environment that breathes openness and tranquillity.

The client sought a design concept that fosters a peaceful environment while aligning with his connection to the metal industry. The colour palette chosen for this project pays homage to the client's industrial roots. These tones serve as a canvas, allowing the space to exude a sense of strength while maintaining an air of calmness. Texture plays a pivotal role, with the juxtaposition of sleek metal finishes against soft, tactile fabrics creating a tactile symphony throughout the space.

It is in the meticulous details that the narrative gains depth and character. From subtle textures in furnishings to carefully selected decor elements, each detail is a deliberate choice that contributes to the overall narrative. From streamlined furniture to architectural details, the emphasis on clean lines contributes to the overall sophistication of the space. Each element is carefully curated to enhance the sleek aesthetic, ensuring a cohesive and contemporary design narrative.

Architectural arches add a timeless and graceful dimension to the interior. Whether framing doorways and windows or creating alcoves, these arches become sculptural elements that transcend trends. Their presence softens the lines, introducing a sense of tradition and architectural heritage to the modern setting. The strategic placement of these arches imparts a sense of fluidity, creating a harmonious flow between rooms. This architectural feature becomes a visual symphony, giving the home a cohesive and unified feel. The play of light and shadow on these elegant curves adds depth, accentuating the inherent grace of the design.

Within this interior design showcase, the living room, dining room, and kitchen synchronize seamlessly with understated hues that complement the white theme. Including grooves on walls and meticulous detailing adds the finishing touches, resulting in a perfectly polished and complete look. As we delve into the private spaces, the bedroom emerges as a sanctuary within a sanctuary. A bespoke headboard becomes a statement piece, while the bed linens in soothing tones provide a cocoon of comfort. The bedroom embraces an opulent ambience with subtle touches of gold, set against a pristine white backdrop and complemented by the warmth of wooden flooring and furnishings. Strategically placed gold fixtures, accents, and accessories elevate the minimalist space, infusing a sense of glamour and refinement. The interplay between white, pastels, and gold results in a space with luxury and a touch of extravagance.

The beauty of this design lies in its ability to seamlessly integrate minimalism and details, creating a sophisticated and inviting space. Functional elements are transformed into aesthetic features, with each detail serving a purpose beyond the surface. It is a delicate balance where every component plays a role in perfecting the art of living.

Our design narrative unfolds as a tale of revival, breathing new life into every corner of the space. This architectural feature becomes a visual symphony, giving the home a cohesive and unified feel. In the embrace of intricacy and the palette's wise whisper, this design unfolds as a haven—a comfort space where every detail weaves a tale, and each colour is a brushstroke, elevating the essence of living.

By Alfredo Gonzalez

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