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STUDY.UA opens an international school in Warsaw designed by ZIKZAK Architects

Project name:
STUDY. UA school
Architecture firm:
ZIKZAK Architects
Warsaw, Poland
Tools used:
Principal architect:
A. Apostu
Design team:
A. Apostu, M. Ternova, I. Yashin, V. Boychuk
Built area:
1275 m²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Education company STUDY. UA
In Progress
Educational Architecture › School

A new creative educational space. In the suburbs of Warsaw, an educational institution for learning, creativity, and inspiration is being built – the STUDY.UA school designed by  ZIKZAK Architects. The team of designers and architects has completed the redesign of an existing building and despite tight deadlines and budget constraints, has created an interesting and multifaceted space for pupils in Poland. Growth and renewal, two important components of the learning process, have been embodied in the interior design.Thanks to the minimalism based on light shades, creamy wood combined with the color of juicy grass, the school looks warm and welcoming. Designers chose pastel muted tones even for accent bright colors, to make the space soft and delicate.

The school interior emphasizes the closeness to nature and subtly incorporates elements of biophilic design. The most impressive interactive areas are the reception and event hall. They are executed in a unified style and simulate a cozy glade in a forest. The transitional area leading from the reception is a library, game room, lounge, and school store all in one. The architectural spaces are multifaceted and complex. The heart of the school is its event hall, which is multifunctional and intended for performances, meetings, relaxation, and children's communication. The space is radial, and the details support this radiality.

The highlight of the event hall is a column that extends to the ceiling with layers of large circles stacked on top of each other. According to the concept, this is an abstract tree, and the poufs at the bottom are its fruits. The tree's crown has grown, and the lighting between its layers gives it a magical feel. The tree embodies the powerful energy of knowledge that leads to the conquest of peaks, symbolizes growth and renewal. Designers paid special attention to textures, which are soft and tactilely pleasant. The poufs under the column can be moved and constructed, which is interesting for children.

Green stairs with thematic decorative elements on the adjacent wall complement the aesthetics of the event hall. Flexible spatial solutions were used for the progressive educational process, with classrooms varying in size and configuration. Each classroom has its own individuality, even based on the same design aesthetic. The tree from the event hall extends its roots into the stationary classrooms in the form of subtle hints, such as a map drawing on the wall.

Growth and renewal are certainly present in the educational classrooms. When students enter the learning spaces from the event hall or transit zone, they find themselves in a completely different environment, entirely focused on learning. The music classroom is a true art space that resembles an art studio and inspires creativity. It has an atmosphere of antiquity and the birth of art, thanks to the accent square columns. Designers offer to place artistic inventory or classical art samples in the form of busts on concise shelves.

The new STUDY.UA school in Poland, designed by ZIKZAK Architects, is a flexible and comfortable educational environment that promotes socialization, various forms of work, and motivates students to learn.

By Liliana Alvarez

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