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Gisou by Compass Virtual Studio / Adel Soltani

Project name:
Architecture firm:
Compass Virtual Studio
Ahvaz, Iran
Tools used:
Autodesk 3ds Max, V-ray Renderer
Principal architect:
Adel Soltani
Design team:
Adel Soltani
Built area:
Site area:
1500 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Adel Soltani
Adel Soltani
Concept - Design
Commercial › Office Building

Compass Virtual Studio: Gisou (a concept with a business user subject). The main idea of the concept.
sometimes the structure of one; It may be a leap in the work, and it develops from within the structure, another structure.

This means that the braid, which is left from her kerchief, shoots from the traditional Iranian culture, considered the main structure of the idea.

Given the intellectual process mentioned, the design process has been designed to preserve the structure of cubical structures, which in Iran, such as hijab, has become an integral structure. In this regard, the historical symbols of Iranian architecture, such as the arch for the parable of the sprout of Gisou, were used.
The arch is drawn from its constant state, drawn and changed from its fixed state, suspended in the cube, such as the hair of the daughters, hanging from the veil attached to the hijab.

By Liliana Alvarez

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David Jacklin -
Hello Adel, I'm David from Auroria World. We are looking to source 3D talent and assets for our metaverse world space, which is currently in development. I'm keen to open discussion with you on various partnership options we have on how we could work together to license your 3D work. For initial discussion, we are interested to explore licensing with you on your Gisou design. Please contact me on email at - david@auroria.world Be good to work with you.

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