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AA Headquarters by Kirill Kuzenkov / NE|AR

Project name:
AA Headquarters
Architecture firm:
All over the world
Tools used:
Stable Diffusion + ControlNet, Photoshop Beta, DaVinci Resolve
Principal architect:
Kirill Kuzenkov
Design team:
Built area:
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
NE|AR, Kirill Kuzenkov
Concept - Design
Commercial › Headquarters

This project by NE|AR team showcases a set of creative concepts for the AA headquarters, incorporating architectural imagery echoing the Amazing Architecture logo.  

Innovative services based on the use of AI provide revolutionary solutions to architectural visualization and idea retrieval specifically for their challenges. Traditional early visualization methods often lead to lengthy processes, causing delays and potential losses in the rapidly changing architectural industry. Existing capabilities allow for incredibly fast visualization of architectural designs. And most importantly, not just generate prety pictures, but set the degree of control over the preservation of the original forms.

Instead of a complex specification at an early stage of a project, AI allows you to visualize a hand-drawn sketch and a few client requests to get a quick and impressive result. This set of concepts demonstrates the flexibility and variety of integrating logo designs into architecture. However, if necessary, such a task can be placed within strict limits and requirements to produce more specific results according to the technical specification.

The NE|AR team's commitment to research and experimentation with the latest tools allows them to develop unique approaches for projects, which accelerates the visualization workflow and architectural solutions.

While AI generation outperforms traditional visualization processes in terms of speed and quality in the initial and intermediate stages of a project, we recognize the limitations in final quality. AI tools are currently unable to consistently produce advertising-quality results, as many problems and artifacts appear at high resolutions. But the solution to these limitations is a mater of time and further experiments. We invite Architects, Architectural offices and visualization studios and joint creative and commercial collaborations with our team. Together we will make the impossible now possible in the near future.

By Liliana Alvarez

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