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Mountain life in Norway by Hadis Safikhani

The Iranian architect and CG artist Hadis Safikhani envisioned Mountain life, a private villa situated on a cliff in Norway

Architect’s Statement: Mountain life is a private residence in Norway, designed and visualized by Hadis Safikhani. This house is surrounded by nature overlooking the beautiful mountains and sea. At the Night you can see amazing aurora. The main conceptual idea is the keeping mountain form and generally keeping skyline in this area and also using white concrete and glass for less affecting on nature coloring. House contains two floors which bedroom is on the second floor with beautiful view of mountain and sunrise.

a jeep car parked in the concrete house garage Visualization by Hadis Safikhani  

a cliff house in Norway Visualization by Hadis Safikhani  

concrete house surrounded with snow at night Visualization by Hadis Safikhani  

home with glass facade and illumination at night Visualization by Hadis Safikhani  

bedroom with Mountain View through window Visualization by Hadis Safikhani  


Project name: Mountain life

Architect: Hadis Safikhani

Location: Norway

Total area: 110 m²

Number of floors: 2

Visualization: Hadis safikhani

Tools used: AutoCAD, Autodesk 3ds Max, Lumion 10.3, Adobe Photoshop

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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