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The Chang family house is a typical Taiwanese modern townhouse built in 2005, located in Fongshan, Kaohsiung. Living in the building for over 15 years, I think some things can be improved. Similar to other tropical cities, adequate sunlight and humidity are inevitable factors, and flooding is an issue in the area as well. Project 305-36 is to addr...
Chia-Kang Chang
Arizona State University
Tools used
Revit, Lumion, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
The project consists of an outdoor auditorium for 12,000 people , a concert hall for 3,500 people , six live houses ("whales") , five restaurants connected by a walkway, two towers with an office program, a museum and rehearsal rooms, a center of exhibitions and a series of parks and walks that connect the entire intervention.
Project name
Kaohsiung Pop Music Center
Architecture firm
Manuel Monteserin
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Shun Chen, Chen Li Hsiien, Yi-Hsien Lee, Darren Teng, Chiung-Yao Tseng, Chien Ming Chen, Chen Hung, Ian Choi, Kano Chang, Lo Ruey-Lin, Su, Bo-An, Nicolas Leng冷家豪, Yi-Hsien Lee, Monteserin, Ian Choi, Terry Chiang 江彥駐, Yu-Zhi Lin, Kevin Lin