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House OO, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan by TYarchistudio

Project name:
House OO
Architecture firm:
Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
Yuchen Zhao
Principal architect:
Jianhe wu
Design team:
Interior design:
Built area:
195 m²
Site area:
450 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Linchen Corp.
Structural engineer:
Daho Corp.
Environmental & MEP:
dili lightings
Tools used:
Linchen Corp.
Japanese cypress, solid wood, coating magnetic glass, bamboo carbon paint (formaldehyde-free), LVT waterproof floor, green-key, laminate hard plastic sheet
670,000 USD
Tots land
Residential › House

TYarchistudio: House OO is the transformation of a 40-year-old house that has been revitalized into a sanctuary of light, warmth, and space for family connection. The project showcases the profound impact thoughtful renovation can have on a living space.

Nestled within a slender 6-meter-wide alley, House OO has been ingeniously designed to bask in the glow of natural light, transforming this narrow space into a 195 square meter multi-story home. The layout includes 3 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, 2 bathrooms, and 1 kitchen, incorporating a blend of functionality and aesthetics. Key materials such as Japanese cypress, magnetic glass coating, bamboo carbon paint (formaldehyde-free), LVT waterproof floor, and green-key laminate hard plastic sheet have been artfully employed, embodying a commitment to both sustainability and sophistication.

Embracing Natural Elements: Central to this renovation was the seamless integration of natural elements. Sunlight now floods the house through strategically placed skylights and windows, establishing a connection with the surrounding environment. The scent of welcoming natural materials permeates the air, creating an ambiance that is as inviting as it is comforting.

Thoughtful Space Reorganization: Our vision shines through in the meticulous reorganization of space. The house now effortlessly accommodates the exclusive circulation and activities of its inhabitants. Each room tells a story, from the 1-meter-deep reading sofa by the entrance to the open kitchen where culinary adventures unfold. The master bedroom, study, and dressing room are elegantly separated, ensuring privacy without sacrificing natural light.

Family-Centric Design: This home is a testament to family life. The dining table, crafted from Japanese cypress wood, stands as a focal point where the couple shares everyday meals. The children's playroom, a space drenched in natural light, offers a safe haven for creativity and play. Even mundane tasks like laundry are made enjoyable with an intuitively designed layout that emphasizes ease of use.

Aesthetic Sensibility: The project's aesthetic choices are a testament to a keen eye. From the magnetic painted glass on the stair corner platform, providing a canvas for children's creativity, to the panoramic white film bathroom window ensuring both privacy and natural light, every detail reflects a commitment to beauty and functionality. House OO explores the transformative power of design. Through this project, we witness the evolution of a house into a home, where every nook and cranny tells a story of mindful design and harmonious living.

What was the brief?

The building is renovated from a 40 years old house, introducing the space with an understanding of owner’s daily routine, a collection of exploratory ideas, and settlements through concepts of flow and decoration. There are three main perspectives on revamping of this residential building - prioritize daylights, select natural substances and create a smooth traffic flow. This residential house, which sits in a 6 meters narrow alley, glows with the natural light. Maximizing quality of space and convenience was our first priority.

Why does it look the way it does?

The owner enjoy sunlight in their master bedroom, but this alley was small to open the huge window (for privacy and safety), we came out a special façade for owner, which was QR-code openings with glass brick. A special and unique opening to enjoy sunlight and prevent privacy problems. This kind of house renew project in small alleys could become a city seed to arouse some pure and clean façades, and make city looks better. We use red bricks and glass brick to create the main wall of house, with stone coating for exterior.

Why can it be used with ease?

Although the house located in a narrow alley, we ought to convert scarcity into opportunity. This building is organized in 3 floors, not only the stairs appear as a space divider, playing an important role, mixing and fragmenting by uses the area, but it’s landing is made from magnetic glass board, providing a drawing surface. Between the second to third floor, there are small window openings placed in different area, the owner can view though these window bricks, which give them more interaction with the family.

By Stephany Mata Garcia

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