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Villa in north of Iran by Shohreh Rafatpanah

Designed by Shohreh Rafatpanah, this amazing villa is inspired by the Vanna Venturi House, one of the first prominent works of the postmodern architecture movement that was designed by architect Robert Venturi.

Student's statement: As we`ve seen in Venturi`s house there are some rooms without a lot of circulation…. So, in our design we used this quality and there isn`t useless corridor in this villa. Some interior steps connect spaces.

cottage villa in iran

Some qualities of this house are:

  • Limited circulation
  • Limited dividing spaces
  • Some big rooms
  • Usage of rectangle. curve and oblique elements
  • Complexity and contrast
  • Look like an ordinary house
  • Different elevations
  • Aslant ceiling
  • Exaggeration
  • Different materials
  • Historical elements

Villa in north of Iran by Shohreh Rafatpanah

villa made of wood

cabin house rendering image

bed room with big window

man sitting and taking coffee at home

Villa in north of Iran by Shohreh Rafatpanah

woman sitting on sofa and reading in cozy living room

girl is thinking in her bedroom

girls are cooking at kitchen

bathroom with green vegetation inside

girl inside triangular cabin

steel staircase

interior design wooden cabin

girl is taking coffee nearby fireplace inside cabin house

cosy living space with metallic fireplace

girls with sport clothes inside house

boy is walking inside the room with large windows

modern kitchen

bedroom design

architectural section drawing

architectural plan

architectural diagram

architectural diagram drawing

design process drawing

Project name: Villa design

Student: Shohreh Rafatpanah

University: Islamic azad university,centeral tehran branch "faculty of architecture  and urbanism"

Design year: 2019

Area: 204 m²

Location: Islamic Republic of Iran

Tools used: Revit Architecture, Enscape 3D Real-Time RenderingAdobe Photoshop

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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