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Aedas-Designed Double Twin Towers Complex Setting Itself to be The Future Landmark

Project name:
Greater Bay Area (Guangzhou) Technology Finance Centre
Architecture firm:
Guangzhou, China
Tools used:
Principal architect:
Leo Liu, Global Design Principal
Design team:
Interior design:
Design year:
Completion year:
Built area:
295,862 m²
Site area:
Structural engineer:
Environmental & MEP:
GDD Holding Group
In Process
Commercial, Mixed-use Development

To keep pace with the development of the Greater Bay Area (GBA), which is deemed a key strategic role in the country’s development blueprint to implement innovation-driven reforms, the Greater Bay Area (Guangzhou).

Technology Finance Centre comprises of a five-star hotel, offices, retail and residential spaces. Aedas Global Design Principal Leo Liu has led the team to create a mixed-use complex to form an urban living room, encouraging social interaction, strengthening communities and creating a vibrant live-work dynamic.

Conveniently located in Huangpu district of western Guangzhou, the project is accessibly situated by Kexue Boulevard, to the north of the Guangshen Expressway that connects major cities of Guangdong. This double twin towers complex exemplifies an efficient high-density infrastructure integrating different functional programmes to cater to rapid urban development.

The masterplan integrates the functions and entrances, leading the pedestrians to the sunken plaza in the centre and embodying the agglomeration of assets. Derived from “waterfall cloud”, the architectural form adopts a dynamic landscape of flowing clouds pouring down like water. The simplistic yet fluid curves outline the façade, symbolising the passage of clouds in the sky while emphasising the “flow” element.

The edges are softened through arched glass panels, creating smooth forms and reducing the massing of the towers. The linear architectural form then flows and extends outwards to form a grandeur entrance canopy, echoing its design language.

Further detailing the façade, a tapered section has been achieved by varying the depth of the fins design, adding texture to the otherwise flat plane. The decorative strips on the stainless steel curtain walls differ in width according to the height of the building, getting wider towards the bottom of the structure, allowing a more diverging and upright appearance. Inward-opening strips enable natural ventilation to inject fresh air to interiors without affecting the architectural form. With the stainless steel and glazing reflecting one another under the sunlight, looking like glistening water, the imagery of “waterfall cloud” is further reinforced.

The primary aim of this design is to create an energised complex that provides multiple-layered public spaces, greening and environmental benefits. The project is set to become a vibrant hub connecting the city through its porosity and adaptability. The smooth architectural form extends to a green podium and forms a biophilic communal space that promotes communication to activate the public realm.

Lodging different business types and functions, the mixed-use structure accommodates a plethora of floor plan types. The floor plan is optimised to maximise the floor area and achieve excellent corner view where each guest can enjoy a panoramic view of the city. It is set to become a theatre where comfort meets functionality.

“To incorporate the features of an innovative zone, we aim to create a vivid landmark that shall mark itself as a masterpiece in time through a simple façade and consistent architectural language,” said Aedas Global Design Principal Leo Liu.

About Aedas

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By Liliana Alvarez

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