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iCity: the new Moscow high-tech complex of two skyscrapers designed by CPU PRIDE and Helmut Jahn architects

Project name:
Architecture firm:
JAHN (Author of the concept ), CPU PRIDE (General Designer)
Moscow, Russian Federation
8-story stylobate + two towers of 34 and 61 floors
Tools used:
ArchiCAD, "Dynamo" and "Python" under PyRevit, BIM 360, Autodesk Revit Architecture
Principal architect:
Steve Cook - JAHN, Myznikova Elena - PRIDE
Design team:
BIM managers: Gamsakhurdia N., Panteleeva A. Architects: Sidash Yu.A., Shevelev V.G., Seredina I.A., Gavrilov A.I., Grosheva O.A., Kabaeva M.M., Privalova M.A., Poslak Yu.N. Other design sections: Ivanova M., Kaverina A., Myalov A., Sinelnikov A
U PRIDE (RU), JAHN (USA), Metropolis (RU), MB-PROJECT BUREAU (RS), Gillespies (UK), Priedemann (Germany), Clancy Engineering (Ireland), Werner Sobek (Germany), Jappsen (Germany), L-Plan (Germany), Arteza (Russian Federation)
Interior design:
Design year:
Completion year:
Built area:
229 021 m²
Site area:
2,06 Ga
Structural engineer:
MB Project, CPU PRIDE. Lyutikov P., Zainyshev R., Lukyanova A., Mikhailov A
Environmental & MEP:
MR - Group
Under Construction
Commercial › public and business center

Architect's statement: "iCity" is an important project for CPU PRIDE, in which we act as the general designer. The team of CPU PRIDE worked on the project for the developer MR Group together with one of the most famous architects, the author of the architectural concept "iCity" - Helmut Jan.

iCity is an architectural composition of 2 strict and minimalistic «Space and Time" towers of 34 and 61 floors. At the base  the towers are united by an 8-story stylobate with a trafficable green roof  and an atrium space inside.

Despite the limited site, the team managed to turn the location in the most constrained conditions of the traffic interchange, with many planning restrictions, into an advantage of the accessibility of various modes of transport. It is worth noting that "iCity" is designed taking into account global trends in energy efficiency, including the building divided into several blocks that can operate autonomously.

Working on iCity we developed our own approaches and methodologies for BIM modeling, compiled roadmaps for design and developed BIM standards for this project. We would like to note that the work on development of new approaches and methods for BIM modeling also had a training and educational function for the PRIDE  team.

Building services density is one of the main features of iCity. It prompted us to use new approaches to find and eliminate collisions. These approaches actively used the programming tools "Dynamo" and "Python" under PyRevit. Quite a few scripts and plugins were written to automate routine tasks.  For example: "cutting shafts and holes for utility networks," "autocomplete parameters for the BIM standard of the customer", "model checker, for model validation" and much more.

All this helped to control a huge amount of information coming in and out of related departments, find and correct errors faster, and, as a result, provide the customer with the most detailed model for holding a tender.

The project also involves: MB-Project, Metropolis, Gillespies, Priedemann, Clancy Engineering, Werner Sobek, Jappsen, L-Plan, Arteza.


Creative Production Union PRIDE handles a full line-up of services: from creating concepts to leveraging urban potential; creation of design development and construction documentation of buildings and supervision of the construction phase.

Today, the company employs more than 120  highly qualified specialists, including 70 architects. We not only provide architectural design, but also master plan development, structural and engineering projects, as well as on-site supervision and cost estimation.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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