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The Space is a luxury and sustainable prefabricated home designed by iOhouse in Sweden

The Brazilian architecture firm Victor B. Ortiz Architecture has designed Aikô Residence, a single family home in the middle of Dunas do Rosado desert in Brazil

Arani Villa in Stradella, Los Angeles designed by Iranian architecture firm Freeformland

Designed by Portuguese architecture firm MJARC Arquitetos, Douro Valley House located in Marco de Canaveses, Portugal.

The Mexican architecture studio TAX led by Alberto Kalach has recently completed ''Punta Pajaros'' a series of ecological villas located in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Dolmen Shelter is a concept for mini hotels in UK inspired by natural stones, designed by Davit & Mary Jilavyan / LEMEAL Studio.

Hierarchy Towers concept in Singapore designed by Gennadiy Kraev

Spanish architect and visual artist Dionisio González has envisioned series of surrealist structures for Dauphín Island Archipelago.