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Cong Banquet, Hangzhou, China by Associate Interior Design

Project name:
Cong Banquet
Architecture firm:
Associate Interior Design
BIRLAND 21-101, Liangzhu Street, Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China
Song Ye
Principal architect:
Jianwei Ge
Design team:
Junhui Ma, Lili Xue, Tianzhe Yang, Qinpeng Chen, Bing Fan, Sheng Wang, Yang Zhou, Xinyue Lu, Chenwei Li, Chuhong Ruan, Jiamin Li, Jiali Chen
Interior design:
Associate Interior Design
Selected Subcontractors:Hangzhou Huagandang Landscape Design Co., Ltd. Quantity Surveyor: Vanke Engineering Department. Other Consultants: Hangzhou Yishiyi Decoration Design Co., Ltd
Built area:
Gross Floor Area: 1500 m2, Interior Space Area: 1300 m2, Architecture Height (Max): 4600mm, Floor Area Ratio: 0.39, Greening Rate: 30%
Site area:
1800 m2
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Vanke Engineering Department
Environmental & MEP:
Vanke Engineering Department
Shaoxing Yunjian Decoration Design Co., Ltd
Hangzhou Tongpai Lighting Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd
Tools used:
Cong Banquet
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Associate Interior Design: Oriental aesthetics is a delicate inheritance of introverted and elegant

Northwest of Hangzhou A city of Liangzhu

The restaurant's name, Cong Banquet, is derived from the shape of the Cong, a long hollow piece of jade with rectangular sides and a central round hole, which symbolizes the formation of divine authority or identity consciousness and proves the beginning of civilization.

A homage to the traditional ritual heritage, Cong Banquet is a stand-alone building that takes inspiration from Cong's shape, color, meaning, and quality to interpret the taste, charm, significance, and soul of new fusion cuisine, striving to create a classical dining space that has an everlasting charm.

01 Cong's shape • Water courtyard

Extension of space

Solid walls and glasses act as the boundary to enclose an L-shaped open-air water courtyard, which provides sufficient daylight for the internal space and introduces the seasonal scenery indoors.

The stunning view of the staggered sloping roof, surrounded by lush green trees, sky clouds, and gentle wind, is reflected on the water’s surface, creating a mirroring effect. Water not only possesses its own unique material nature but also holds profound cultural connotations. It is associated with a gentlemanly flair, and its mild and humid meaning is similar to that of jade.

Echoing the square and round shapes of Cong, the restaurant's outdoor area features circular functional components of different sizes placed on the square water surface, with the largest circular outdoor rest area connected by the verandah formed by the eaves and the setback building facade. It is a perfect space for parties and talks among friends at night.

In Eastern aesthetics, the courtyard is considered an extension of the interior, serving to expand the space, extend the view, and create an artistic conception. The interior and exterior aspects work together seamlessly, forming an organic and indivisible whole.

02 Cong's color • Scene setting

Shift of emotions

Colors of objects are inextricably linked with emotions, which are then reflected in physical space. As the path winds its way, it generates rhythms of varying sizes, widths, and heights. Jade-textured materials are employed to highlight the theme, constructing ceremonial corridors via floor pavement, partial facades, and structure nodes.

The entrance is adorned with an art installation that reflects the joy, enthusiasm, and organic agility of the flowers, forming a sharp contrast with the darkness and order of the surroundings.

The corner features an end view arranged along the axis and asymmetrical balance, which creates a new visual language. The "scene-setting" design approach helps to soften the tough aisles. The rocks growing out of the ground, along with the branches of trees suspended on the ceilings, the light-transmitting ceiling, and the special-shaped rocks, form a three-dimensional dynamic landscape.

The expansive dark color in the space serves as a metaphor for the soil's color, effectively emphasizing and highlighting the essential elements of spatial expression.

03 Cong's meaning • Merrily reunion

Toast of parties

The banquet hall's windows overlook the courtyard, making the outdoor landscape a significant aspect of its appearance. The dark wood outlining the appropriate height divides the facade into two parts, with the lower part creating a close scale with the dining area and the upper part integrating with the ceiling.

The square-shaped elements are arranged and combined in a sequential manner, creating a grand sense of ceremony that echoes the outward shape of the Cong. Friends are invited to gather and have a drink together in this space, enjoying a unique and memorable gathering experience.

The cashier area of this space is distinct from traditional setups as it is not located in a defined area with a single function. Instead, it is hidden behind a corridor that also serves as a lounge and tea room. This design decision was made to prioritize the overall purity and integrity of the space over commercial attributes.

The wine cabinet made of glass serves a dual purpose of display and allowing the line of sight to pass through under the rendering of light, which subtly extends and enriches the finish. In the background, a calligraphy scroll of "Liangzhu" hangs, unfolding a dramatic dialogue between history and contemporary times.

04 Cong's texture • Integrate harmony

Contemporary meaning

The concept of a round sky and square ground is not only conveyed through graphic shapes but also rooted in ancient philosophy. It is embodied in the circular hole in the wall that allows for a shift in diameter and stagger between the inner and outer circles. They are interconnected to create a landscape scene together with the adjacent space, making the thick facades light and poetic.

A solution was implemented to address the corner window sofa seating issue by installing an L-shaped half-height wall. This addition adds rich colors and perceptible material texture, while also providing a contemporary aesthetic that is both unique and unbalanced.

The texture of Cong is unique compared to other materials as it represents a harmonious and balanced integration. The theoretical foundation for constructing a broad and unified civilization across diverse regions just lies in the principles of pluralism, inclusiveness, and continuity.

In designing the Cong Banquet interior, the colors, materials, and decorative elements were carefully chosen to create a diverse and visually rich space that combines rough and exquisite details.

Since food evolved in line with the development of civilization, the brand origin of Cong Banquet is closely related to the history of the site. The design team precisely captured the essence of the brand and interpreted it into the shape of the space.

As a result, regardless of the craftsmanship of cuisine or utensils, the individual tastes, aesthetics, cognition, and associations about them are always iterated and updated with the times, but the pursuit of mental state has never changed.


Associate Interior Design was established in 2014 in Hangzhou, China. The team comprises skilled designers with extensive practical experience. They employ innovative thinking and efficient project management capabilities to handle the entire process of design concept creation, development, and construction management, resulting in the perfect implementation of projects.

The company specializes in commercial space design, with a particular focus on restaurant design. They are committed to designing for people and prioritize client-oriented thinking in their design works. Over the years, some of their excellent interior design projects have become benchmarks in the design industry, earning recognition from both clients and peers. Associate Interior Design adheres to the tenet of "Planning projects with customer thinking, designing with product thinking, and keeping abreast with the times". 

By Stephany Mata Garcia

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