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The AV house is located in a steep slope. It is an uneven terrain next to a gorge that looks to the south, and it does not face the sea at the east. In order to not miss this view and to protect it from the wind, the house was partially rotated facing east, offering direct visual access to the Pacific Ocean.
Project name
AV House
Architecture firm
Romero Valente Architects
Maitencillo, Marbella, Valparaíso Region, Chile
Pablo Casals Aguirre
The Tonekabon-based architectural office mrk office has designed "Rostam White Villa" a single family modern villa that located in the city of Shahsavar, Mazandaran, Iran.  Project description by the architects: For a long time, the town villas of the Northern cities of Iran have created diffe...
The London-based architectural studio DROO has designed "Ellesmere Road " a contemporary townhouse that located in London, United Kingdom.  Project description by the architects: Taking its cues from the roofscapes of the east London Victorian Row houses, the structural glass prisim which form...
The Santiago-based architectural firm +arquitectos has designed "Mirador House" a single family house that located in Las Condes, Santiago, Chile. Project description by the architects: Located in the base of the Andes mountains, the project it’s placed at the top of a hill with north orientat...