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Al Seif Staircase #s25k in Kuwait City by Parallel Studio

Project name:
Al Seif Staircase #s25k
Architecture firm:
Parallel Studio
Kuwait City, Kuwait
Faisal Al Hindi and Yousif Abdulsaid
Principal architect:
Mai Al Busairi
Design team:
Mai Al Busairi, Daniel Oliveira, Daniel Kiss, Mohammad Najdi, Pil Matando, Uvis Mustathafa, Ali Fakhreddine
Built area:
240 m²
Site area:
240 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Amiri Diwan (Sponsor), Tamdeen Group (Donater), Al Ghanim International (Supporter), Kuwait Municipality (Supporter), Public Utilities Management Company (Supporter), Elevation Burger (Artist Program/ Graffiti Wall)
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Al Farooqi Engineering Consultants
Environmental & MEP:
Creative International, Arif Fawzi
Parallel Studio
Parallel Studio
Tools used:
Rhinoceros 3D, Autodesk Revit, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
Granite, Stainless Steel
Tamdeen Group
Urban Development

Parallel Studio: Al-Seif Staircase #s25k is a project under the umbrella of Amiri Diwan of Kuwait, donated by Tamdeen Group and supported by the Kuwait Municipality, Public Utilities Management Company (PUMC), and Al Ghanim International. It emerges as an initiative by Parallel Studio to refurbish the area that has witnessed significant contribution to cumulative Kuwait history given its heritage and ingenuity, it contributes once again to the consolidation and renewal of dialogue between generations through the staircase design. The Staircase #s25k is located in Kuwait City, in front of Al Seif Palace on the Arabian Gulf Street.

Al-Seif Staircase design intent evolves beyond a programmatic statement, to which serving the passing by dwellers from level to another. It seeks to highlight the main concept of urban design, which is to draw attention to this particular area as a symbol of the rehabilitation and renovation efforts of the private sector in collaboration with the Kuwait Governmental sector and to strengthen the advanced social and urban status.

granite staircase with led lighting image © Faisal Al Hindi and Yousif Abdulsaid

As for the design concept, it weaves a series of faceted geometrical characters that cascades between levels as evidence of order and balance. Granite as the main material used for the staircase covers the 25 steps with 3 staggered stainless steel handrails and LED cove lighting under each step.  Materials from the original staircase were preserved in glass chambers to magnify its content paying tribute to the old structure. The seating on the sides of the staircase serves as a resting ground contemplating the marriage between the past and the present. Supported by Elevation Burger, the Graffiti (the spirit of the past) will remain as it was to support the youth artists of evolving artworks layered through time. Above and beyond the definition of a stair, storytelling to encroach appreciation and a triumphal perception to the new design.

staircase steps with LED cove lighting image © Faisal Al Hindi and Yousif Abdulsaid

staircase steps image © Faisal Al Hindi and Yousif Abdulsaid

public space staircase image © Faisal Al Hindi and Yousif Abdulsaid

gravel and granite image © Faisal Al Hindi and Yousif Abdulsaid

shade and shadow image © Faisal Al Hindi and Yousif Abdulsaid

diagonal stair image © Faisal Al Hindi and Yousif Abdulsaid

graffiti on the walls Before 

old staircase with graffiti on walls Before 

staircase render image Render by Parallel Studio

rendering views of the staircase Render by Parallel Studio

architecture Redner Render by Parallel Studio

architecture visualization Render by Parallel Studio

architectural plan Plan 

Plan Granite Layout Plan - Granite Layout 

Initial Sketches Initial Sketches 

Detail stair side end Detail stair side end 

Details structure Details 

Process Diagram Process Diagram 

Reinforced Section drawing Reinforced Section 

Reinforced Section drawing Reinforced Section 

Section Drawing Section 

Section drawing Section 

Connec with the Parallel Studio

Parallel Studio is a young driven architects’ firm, based in Kuwait with a multi-cultural context. The team comes from a variety of backgrounds, yet working in parallel; bringing together our ideologies and methods to the edge. We design based on statements from fundamentals and re-construct the presence by exploration and exploitation of the project. Parallel Studio immerses with a diversity of scales in the spectrum of architecture, art, and design. Not limited to restrictions, but by understanding the characteristic that morphs designs, programs, and aesthetics as a parallel principle.  

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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