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Stone Creek Residence in Jackson, Wyoming by Dynia Architects

Project name:
Stone Creek Residence
Architecture firm:
Dynia Architects
Jackson, Wyoming, USA
David Agnello
Principal architect:
Design team:
Interior design:
Dynia Architects
Built area:
8,100 ft²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Nelson Engineering
Structural engineer:
Environmental & MEP:
Helius Lighting Group
Tools used:
Peak Builders
Wood, zinc clad
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The Architecture

Inspired by the vast wilderness of the Teton Mountain range, Dynia Architects designed this private residence to reflects both the intimacy and openness that one can only experience in the great outdoors. By leaning into the western landscape, they used locally sourced timber and incorporated natural elements in the interior design to help emphasize the natural landscape.

Creating a home that responded to the intimate epicness of Wyoming and its larger-than-life Teton Mountain Range was the design team's prerogative. Garnering a better view of the mountains to the north and west, developing a more intimate relationship with the pond water to the east, and controlling as much natural sunlight coming in from the south, were all thoughtfully considered. By designing the garage to be south facing, the ice and snow have a faster chance of melting, as opposed to a less thoughtful location on the northern end.

The living, kitchen and dining rooms share an idyllic view of the Tetons by way of creating a wing that runs west to east off of the northern side of the home. The kitchen envelopes an intimate relationship with the pond and outdoor related spaces to foster a sense of tranquility and connection to nature. One way they enhanced the natural landscape was by adding a machine in the pond to create ripples in the water so there would be the sound of the presence of water, which is known to not only boost serotonin but also helps lower cortisol levels as well. The primary bedroom floats above a cantilever that helps create an intimate private terrace overlooking the water.

The owners wanted to see the house develop as a family compound that they can use during holiday seasons to accommodate larger groups. With that in mind, the sleeping capacities and shared spaces had to be designed to naturally accommodate both intimate and large parties without feeling either empty, or alternatively, crammed. Lining the exterior with floor to ceiling windows helped achieve a look and feel of openness, while not having to sacrifice structure. Natural light fills every room in the home. A concrete chimney rises through the roof flanked by two skylights, bringing in as much natural light from sun up until sun down.

With larger parties in mind, Dynia added an additional multi-purpose room that could serve as either a bunk room or an additional living space. The room is fitted with a shed roof that rises toward to make the home appear much more responsive to the land as if it had always been there.


The materials had requirements as instructed by the community regulations. The roof was mandated to be shingled, and the majority of the siding on the home had to be wood. The roof covering the living room is made out of zinc clad, which added a bold and creative individualistic element. The majority of the siding on the residence is locally sourced cedar from the surrounding timber woods, but the team wove stone and zinc accents throughout the space to add modernity.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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